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NFL Draft Rumors: Eagles “setting the ground work” to trade up “if they could get one of the pass rushers”

Howie Roseman targeting a premium prospect?

Allstate Sugar Bowl - Alabama v Kansas State Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

‘Tis the night before the 2023 NFL Draft. And by this point, the rumors we’ve heard about the Philadelphia Eagles suggest they could go one of eleventy billion different ways in the first round.

Some reports are more consistent and credible than others. One common theme that’s shown up lately is a purported plan to move up from No. 10.

Tony Pauline added more fuel to that fire (or smoke to that smokescreen?) on Wednesday afternoon with the following tweet:

OMG! The Eagles are moving up for Will Anderson?!


Well ... maybe?

There’s a lot of ambiguity in Pauline’s wording.

Including exactly who he means by ‘the pass rushers.’

It’s not easy to imagine Anderson falls within striking distance of the Eagles being able to go get him. But if he somehow does, yeah, it’s not hard to see Howie Roseman making an effort to get him. Or perhaps the Eagles’ general manager would make a really big move up? Josh Norris openly wondered about Roseman moving up as high as No. 3. I mean, Jonathan Gannon does owe the Eagles one after his role in the Super Bowl loss.

Would Tyree Wilson be in play? There’s been some talk that he could go higher than Anderson, and as soon as No. 2 overall to the Houston Texans.

Is Pauline including Jalen Carter in the pass rusher category? There’s been no shortage of buzz about the Birds making a move to go after him.

Carter himself believes he’ll be an Eagle if he makes it to No. 10:

Could the Eagles be looking to move up for a pass protector instead of a pass rusher? Paris Johnson Jr. seems to be on Philly’s radar, according to NFL Network’s James Palmer:

Ohio State left tackle Paris Johnson Jr. has been impressing teams and possibly moving up the draft board. NFL Network’s James Palmer reported Wednesday that the offensive tackle made a good impression on his official visit with the Philadelphia Eagles, who hold the No. 10 overall pick. Palmer added that there are other teams with earlier picks than Philadelphia who also liked what they saw out of Johnson, meaning that if Eagles general manager Howie Roseman is set on acquiring the tackle, he could have to explore trading up even higher in the first round to grab him. According to Palmer, over the last few days Roseman has been doing just that, talking with various teams to see what trading up would involve if Philly decided to make a move.

Johnson has been connected to the Arizona Cardinals at No. 3 with rumors that Kyler Murray likes him. That’d be a pretty wild selection.

The TL;DR here is that no one seems to be too certain about anything. Such is the nature of the NFL Draft. Thankfully we’re not too far away from finally seeing how it’s going to play out.

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