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Ranking 10 tight ends for the Eagles in the 2023 NFL Draft

Georgia v Mississippi State Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Full disclaimer: as some of you may know, I am from England, so I do not watch any college football during the season and I go into this process with absolutely no preconceptions about who I’m about to watch. I watch at least three games of each player I rank, but I cannot share any film with you here because sharing college All22 online is dangerous and I do not want to be blocked!

These rankings are based on how I think these prospects would fit the Eagles’ scheme or who I want the most based on who the Eagles already have at a certain position. This is very important, so please keep this in mind! Therefore, sometimes I may have one player above another, even if I think the other player is a better overall prospect. If a player isn’t on this list, I haven’t watched them yet! I have also put them into tiers because sometimes there isn’t a lot of difference between prospects, and I find the tiers useful to separate players.

Tight End

Tier 1

1. Michael Mayer

Mayer is going to be an excellent pro because he gets the position perfectly. He’s not an elite athlete but he is a really, really good player. His fantasy value will come down to team/scheme but he will be a good pro. The more you watch him, the more you like him. He has a great sense of how to get open, is dominant at the catch point, and relishes the physical side of the game as a blocker. The only issue is the lack of top-level athleticism, he doesn’t jump off the screen and may not be able to threaten the seam at the next level. But I think he is an incredibly safe prospect who will be a good player.

Eagles Thoughts: The Eagles already have an elite tight end who can threaten the seam, and I would absolutely love to see Mayers and Goedert together. That would be an elite 1-2 punch and both can run routes and block so it would give defensive coordinators a headache. I would take Mayer at the end of the 1st.

2. Dalton Kincaid

Kincaid fits the profile of a modern athletic receiving tight end that every team wants to have. He is a really smooth mover who can line up all the formation and has the speed to run the seam. His hands are exceptional and he really attacks the ball when it’s in the air. He’s a really good receiving tight-end prospect who a lot of teams are going to want. He is a slightly older prospect and needs to work his blocking a bit to be able to play in line a bit more, but he won’t be drafted for his blocking.

Eagles Thoughts: I don’t rate Kincaid as highly as Mayer as an overall tight end prospect, but he might be the best receiving tight end in the class. I would prefer the Eagles to target a TE2 who can effectively be an inline blocker too, but the upside with Kincaid would have me consider him toward the end of the 1st round. He is a slight risk due to his injury history and age (24 during his rookie year) but I love the player.

Tier 2

3. Luke Musgrave

Musgrave lacks experience due to a college career that has been impacted by injuries, but he is another really talented height-weight-speed prospect. He’s more of a move-tight end at this point in his career but he should have the size to develop as a blocker. He is legitimately fast and will cause defenses problems running down the seam. He’s a better athlete than player at this stage, but he has high upside.

Eagles Thoughts: Musgrave would be a risky pick in the late 1st for most teams, but the Eagles might feel he is worth the risk. I think he can improve his blocking and his speed would make him a real weapon and add another dimension to the Eagles’ offense as Goedert doesn’t specialize in running the seam. Similar to Kinkaid, I would consider him at the end of the 1st/start of the 2nd but Kincaid is a better talent in my opinion.

4. Darnell Washington

Washington has a rare athletic profile but the tape and production don’t match up. Coaches will love him because he has high-level traits and if he develops well, he could become an outstanding tight end. But he’s not outstanding currently and the production and film reflect that. He’s the most impressive-looking tight end in the draft, but he has a fair bit of work to do before his play matches up to his potential.

Eagles Thoughts: The Eagles’ offense is so good, they could afford a swing at a prospect like Darnell Washington at the end of the 1st. I would prefer Washington in the 2nd, but I imagine an NFL team is going to fall in love with the potential and take him earlier. He could be scary as an in-line tight end and red zone specialist.

Tier 3

5. Sam LaPorta

LaPorta is another talented tight end who may drop due to a really talented class. He is electric with the ball in his hands and will make defenders miss in the open field. He has legitimate speed and can line up outside too. He’s not a great blocker, but he does compete and has the willingness to do a job as an inline blocker. He isn’t a reliable pass catcher either and needs to work on his route running too. He is more straight line fast at this stage.

Eagles Thoughts: LaPorta could be a fantastic pick for the Eagles if he is still available towards the end of day 2 as his speed would provide the Eagles with another vertical element and I think he is just about good enough as a run blocker to play with Goedert in 12 personnel. He has some work to do but has good upside as a receiver.

6. Tucker Kraft

Kraft is a talented prospect who isn’t an easy evaluation due to the level of competition. He looked like a man amongst boys at times. He is a very good athlete who can line up everywhere and flashes just enough as a blocker to make you hopeful he can develop into an inline tight end too. He needs work as a route runner and as a blocker, as well as needing to improve his hands, but he has quite a lot of upside although he is not a safe bet.

Eagles Thoughts: Kraft would be worth the risk for the Eagles at the end of the 2nd/start of the 3rd, but it would be a risk. I think the upside is high though and he could complement Goedert really well. He reminded me of Goedert at times and is a very competitive player who has a lot of upside. I would take a chance on him and I liked the film.

Tier 4

7. Luke Schoonmaker

Schoonmaker is an old-fashioned inline tight end who doesn’t have the receiving upside that NFL teams covet in the modern game. However, he is a really good blocker who can climb to the 2nd level in the running game and take on linebackers as well as stay in to pass protect.

Eagles Thoughts: If the Eagles wanted to replace Jack Stoll, Schoonmaker would make sense in the middle rounds despite the lack of receiving upside. He would make the Eagles' 12 personnel exceptional at run blocking, that’s for sure. He could be a smart pick if he is there around the start of day 3.

8. Brenton Strange

Brenton Strange is an interesting prospect who has played a bit of fullback in short-yardage situations. He looks like a move-tight end due to his size, but he is much more of a traditional inline tight end who takes his blocking seriously. He is a good athlete and is very strong at the catch point and after the catch. He will struggle with creating separation at the next level and his route running is a big reason why his production has not been great throughout his college career. He is a developmental prospect with some good film and upside.

Eagles Thoughts: Strange feels like a smart selection if he is there in the 4th round because he certainly has some upside and has been used as a puller in the run game before. The Eagles like to do this with their tight ends and he also provides more after the catch than someone like Jack Stoll does.

9. Davis Allen

Davis Allen feels like a high-floor but low-ceiling prospect due to his limited athleticism, speed, and route running ability. He is a reliable tight end who can be trusted to catch the football and will give it his all as a blocker. He could become a very decent backup in the league but is probably limited to that.

Eagles Thoughts: I am a sucker for high character and reliable players, and Allen stands out as someone I want on my team. The talent isn’t there for a day 2 pick, but the reliability and solid hands would make him a worthy addition in the 4th or 5th round where he can challenge for a spot as TE2.

10. Zack Kuntz

Kuntz is one of the favorite middle-of-day 3 developmental prospects in this class. He is a bit of a freak athletically but is incredibly raw and the production does not match up to the traits at all. He needs to put on more strength and learn how to block better, but the size, length, and ball skills are hard to teach.

Eagles Thoughts: His combine may have pushed him up a few draft boards, but if he is there in the 5th round he will be a fantastic pick. When you get to the late rounds taking a shot on athletic freaks is always a smart option.

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