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Jalen Hurts’ cap numbers for the next four years are surprisingly manageable

The Eagles are still in great shape, even while paying the highest paid player in the league.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone knew that the Eagles were prepared to spend big money to keep Jalen Hurts in Philly, and that’s just what they did, making the QB the highest paid player in NFL history. His $255 million, $179 million guaranteed deal was universally applauded, and while it was undoubtedly a win for Hurts, it was also a win for the Eagles.

Reports indicate that the cap hits the team is taking over the next four seasons is relatively low for the size of the contract, and while we can speculate about the large cap hit in 2027, we should also assume Howie Roseman is already planning a restructure.

This cap structure kills any sort of narrative that the Eagles can’t afford to still bring in top talent. Roseman already noted that they plan on relying heavily on the NFL Draft — with several high picks this year and a whole lot of picks in 2024 —, but with this kind of financial flexibility, they’ll still be in a position to compete for some of the top talent around the league.

Roseman has certainly earned the trust of the fans the past couple of seasons, and has been able to make up for some of the risks that ended up falling flat.

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