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Eagles’ proposal to allow the No. 0 jersey passes! So, who should wear it?

Zeroing in on the new zero.

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Tennessee Titans v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The most important development to emerge from this week’s NFL owners meetings?

It’s clearly the league approving the Philadelphia Eagles’ proposal for the use of the No. 0 jersey.

There was really no good reason to not bring back zero.

The question now is ... which player should wear it?

Every non-lineman on the Eagles’ roster is eligible to wear the new number.

Calvin Ridley was quick to announce he’s going to be sporting No. 0 for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Parris Campbell, who recently signed with the New York Giants, is also going to be wearing it. That’s two wide receivers so far.

The Eagles don’t have any new receivers as it currently stands, though. Their players with unassigned jersey numbers (according to their official roster page) eligible to wear zero:

  • Terrell Edmunds
  • Marcus Mariota
  • Rashaad Penny
  • Greedy Williams
  • Kennedy Brooks
  • Dalton Keene
  • Tristin McCollum

I think Mariota in zero could actually work. He previously wore No. 8, which is taken by Arryn Siposs, and No. 1, which is taken by Jalen Hurts. The No. 0 has a similarish enough shape to the No. 8 and he has an ‘o’ in his last name, so maybe that’s something?

Of course, an Eagles player who has already been assigned a number could switch. Siposs, for example, could switch to No. 0 to free up No. 8 for Mariota. Or Siposs could take any available number between 0-49 and 90-99 now that the range for kickers and punters has been expanded beyond 1-19. (Not really a fan of that.)

Benjamin Solak and I discussed all things zero and more in an incredibly vital emergency #JerseyNumberAnalytics podcast for BGN Radio.

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Other notable news items related to proposals:

  • The Eagles’ continued effort to introduce an onside kick alternative has not resulted in a change. The option to enact a 4th-and-20 from a team’s own 20-yard line after scoring has been tabled for the second time in the past three years. Better than being flat out rejected since further discussion will happen ... but no change is imminent.
  • The Eagles were among 25 teams that proposed axing multiple roster cut down days. So, instead of going from 90 to 85 to 80 to 53 like they’ve done for the past couple years, it’ll just go straight from 90 to 53.

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