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Eagles All-22 Film Review: Terrell Edmunds should be able to provide some stability

Deep dive on Philadelphia’s new safety.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Eagles have signed a few lost-cost options on defense that I have spent some time watching as I knew very little about them! Up first is safety Terrell Edmunds who I think has a decent chance of starting for the Eagles this year. Let’s get into it.


Edmunds has never been a playmaker and the stats sort of reflect that. He’s played a lot of snaps over the past 5 years though the numbers point to a reliable option at safety. He spends a lot of his time in the slot and in the box and the film showcases why, as you will see shortly!


+ Consistent in a number of different roles. A sort of jack of all trades, master of none type of player. Although he does have strengths and weaknesses.

+ Good athleticism and speed to swarm to the ball consistently and provide run support from a deep safety position.

+ Seems to relish the physical side of the game. Celebrates short yardage stops like you expect a defensive back to celebrate an interception!

+ Very comfortable in the box as an extra run defender. He has the size, instincts, and tackling ability to be a really useful run defender. Almost looks like a linebacker at times.

+ Able to replace a linebacker who is pulled out of the play in the box. He also can replace the linebacker in DIME packages and play the underneath zones closer to the LOS.

+ Has enough deep speed to prevent completions from going over his head. He had a fantastic rep where he just about managed to stay with Tyreek Hill who is as fast as it gets.

+ Has experience starting for a number of years now. This isn’t a risky or unreliable player. He’s been an average starter for a while now.

+ Has the size to cover tight ends one-on-one in man coverage. The Steelers trusted him to play a fair bit of man coverage and he won against average tight ends quite consistently.

+ Showed the ability to match routes as the deep safety in quarters coverage. This was a huge part of playing safety for the Eagles last year.


- Doesn’t look like a natural deep safety at times to me. He plays very deep and conservative and seems concerned about beating beaten over his head rather than matching what is in front of him.

- Lacks instincts in zone coverage too often. Sometimes seems unaware of what is going on around him and allows easy completions.

- Had some mental errors in coverage last year, including this one which you may remember...

- Had some reps where he lined up at slot cornerback, but he doesn’t look comfortable and doesn’t have the ability to cover wide receivers like some of the top safeties in the league.

- Got worked in man coverage by some of the outstanding tight ends in the league, such as Mark Andrews and Njoku.


Last year the Eagles’ defense had a Pro Bowl-level player at nearly every single position. That is unsustainable and the fact is that the Eagles needed to sign some low-cost average starters this year. Edmunds is exactly that. He profiles as an average safety who isn’t going to win you any games with his play-making ability, but he won’t lose you games with backbreaking errors either (hopefully!). He’s a reliable starter who could be replaced pretty easily in the future but will give the Eagles someone who can play meaningful snaps from day one.

I haven’t really dug deep into Sean Desai yet (expect some long pieces on him after the NFL Draft) but I imagine a big part of his job will be improving the Eagles’ run defense. I think Edmunds will play the Marcus Epps role in the Eagles’ defense as Epps was also very useful in the box.

At this point, I expect the Eagles will go into the season with Reed Blankenship and Edmunds as their two starters. I need to watch Blankenship in more detail but I think the Eagles can probably survive with that combination, especially considering how good the cornerbacks are. I would love to see a high pick spent on a safety who could challenge at both safety spots this year too. Edmunds is certainly upgradeable but he should do a professional job for the Eagles

Overall, as I said earlier, you can’t have extremely good players at every position but Edmunds should be able to provide some stability at a position the Eagles need immediate help at. It seems a pretty sensible signing that I’m happy with.

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