Just to be clear I am no Ezekiel Elliot fan, to be honest with you I loathe this man. I couldn't stand him or his father at The Ohio State University and I definitely despised him for all these years as a division rival and member of the Dallas Cowboys. I hate his stupid eating celebration, I hate his jumping in the Salvation Army kettle every holiday season and I hate his stupid belly hanging out of his shirt, being puffed out with pride somehow. The thing I hate more than Ezekiel Elliot though is losing, and not just losing but getting to the end after a record-breaking run and coming up just short. As most Eagles fans can remember bringing in a true number 1, big-bodied possession receiver has led us to great seasons like in 2004 and this past one. The best record and a dominant team that for one reason or the next just fell about 3 points short. AJ Brown this past season like TO in 2004, was electric. The addition jump started our offense and took the birds to new levels, catapulting the team to great offensive season, which in turn lead to a historical defensive output as well. Pondering what went wrong and what the Eagles must do to get over the hump is how most Eagles fans spend the offseason and after the magical season we experience, I feel we are one move or two away for getting to the promise land for a second time in the past decade and my lifetime. This brings me to why I am endorsing an Ezekiel Elliot signing to help us reach this goal. There once was this running back that I didn't necessarily care for, I thought he was a loose cannon and a bad character guy. Hell he was booted from college for decking a opposing player in the sportsmanship handshake line for Christ's sake. He got popped with a talented rookie Le'veon Bell as a Steeler for marijuana possession the next time his name resurfaced in the national media. This player was starting 3-time Super Bowl champion running back LeGarrette Blount, and yes one of those Super Bowls came in 2017 as the starting running back for my Philadelphia Eagles. During his rehab tour in New England, Patriot's coach Bill Belichick won 2 Super Bowls on the legs and back of Blount, before he decided to move on from him. This opened the door to the Eagles signing LeGarrette Blount and the point of my piece, I didn't like Blount and questioned his character just like I do Elliot's. LeGarrette Blount proved me dead wrong and brought my team their FIRST ever Super Bowl Championship as a prize. I'm not perfect, nor is anybody reading this. Why should I judge this athlete on a different scale then I judge myself or my friends and family. Everybody makes mistakes and theirs are just broadcast for the world to see. As a proud owner of a LeGarrette Blount jersey, I can say I was wrong. He was a great teammate, someone that brought a fire and a winning feeling to that relatively young group of players in 2017. I love Blount and his confidence; his voice makes me smile ear to ear. That's what winning does! It washes everything else away. Hearing that man say "They don't wanna hit that" to Deion Sanders over a several year span still makes me laugh. This guy was "bout it, bout it", he was about that life. LeGarrette brought that hammer to a team that was labeled by other teams as "finesse" in the years previous. I love Mlles Sanders and the years he gave us but in the end the production didn't get us to where we wanted to get. In 2017, the Eagles had a great mix of size and power in the backfield, and I believe the best player on the market to pair with Scott and Penny is Ezekiel Elliot. Being released by the Cowboys, lie Blount was released by the Patriots. A chip on his shoulder to prove that his former squad made the wrong decision, the parallels are right there, Howie. Pull the trigger on one aggrieved running back out of Alton, Illinois, Zeke. He will be the catalyst to getting the Eagles over that hump. We need a thumper, we need a tone setter, we need a pissed off bowling ball with something to prove. For this reason I suggest signing Ezekiel Elliot and following the winning formula that the Eagles front office created in the spring and summer of 2017 that lead to one of my fondest moments in life, a Super Bowl championship. If everything works out the way I think, I'll be wearing a Zeke #21 jersey with my tummy hanging out motioning for them to feed him and I more.