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Eagles All-22 Film Review: Greedy Williams is a high upside signing with low risk

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The Eagles recently signed former second-round pick Greedy Williams to be their backup outside cornerback. He was a really fun prospect coming out of LSU just 4 years ago but he hasn’t lived up to expectations, so hopefully, I can explain why below.


The stats show that 2022 was obviously a bit of a disaster, but he didn’t really play at all. His 2021 numbers are pretty solid and it highlights that is not a complete bust and has shown that he can play in this league.


+ Upside is very high. He was a second-round pick for a reason, he looks like a lengthy athletic corner with good speed and explosiveness who can cover vertical routes on the outside.

+ Really good short-area speed and acceleration which shows in his click-and-close speed.

+ Very willing tackler. He’s a physically competitive player overall who is not afraid of contact.

+ He has athleticism that can overcome technical flaws at times. This is a positive but I wonder if it has contributed to his poor play overall.

+ He has had a few incredible interceptions over the past couple of years that highlight the upside he has.

+ Pretty much played an identical amount of left/right CB snaps the past 2 years.

+ Long arms to break the football up in the air. If he sorts out his technique issue you can see the upside

+ He has the arm length and size to press receivers at the LOS effectively.


- Has a worrying injury history. Suffered from nerve damage and missed all of 2020. Injuries have cost him throughout his career

- His tackling is a bit reckless at times which can result in some poor missed tackles.

- He has a really obvious flaw with his technique that costs him massively. He opens up his hips way too early and needs to stay square for longer. This means he gets beat inside way too often on film.

- Needs to use his hands a lot more at the LOS. Has some really bad reps where he is overaggressive at the LOS without getting his hands on the opposing wide receiver so he can’t slow them down.

- Struggles to locate the ball at times down the field despite having good length.


I really like this signing because it is a high upside signing with low risk. The talent on film is really obvious. You can see the speed, athleticism, and length immediately. Some of the interceptions he has had in the past are really impressive. He has the tools to be a really good starting outside cornerback which is why he was a 2nd round pick just 4 years ago.

However, the flaws in his game are incredibly obvious the more you watch him. I have no idea what the Browns' defensive backs coach has been doing with him but it hasn't worked. He seemed to play an equal amount of snaps at left and right cornerback too which I am sure can’t help when your technique is already bad. He opens up his hips too early all the time and it makes him so vulnerable to inside or outside breaking routes. He is far better when he can run vertically with a receiver on the outside. He is a long, lengthy corner but he doesn’t know how to use his hands at the LOS either.

Darius Slay and James Bradberry should be fantastic players for Greedy Williams to study. I commented frequently last year just how good Darius Slay was at staying square to the receiver and not opening his hips up too early.

Slay and Bradberry stayed healthy for the majority of last season which probably won’t happen again. If Greedy Williams comes into training camp with the right mentality and learns from these two, he could end up being a really good signing from the Eagles. If he doesn’t improve quickly though, you might not want to see him on the field too much next season.

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