Eagles FA review + post-combine draft thoughts

Quick-ish FA review

Dillard 3/29 better than I thought he would get

Bosco back on the cheap...Sanders gone and added Penny

BG took the team friendly deal I hoped for....honestly a steal for us...lucky he bleeds green

Cox surprised me taking a fairly team-friendly deal....they will keep his snap count down.....need a veteran in the middle of the line...definitely a sign he retires an eagle in the next few years

Bradberry back was a shock....on a great deal as well....good to see these vets committed to winning....

Seumalo just signed with steelers....can't wait to see contract details....we just couldn't spend on him

Slay back on a lowered cap hit....gotta see details we must be kicking can down road but Brandon brooks and a few others come off the books plus the cap will go up...says he wants to retire an eagle

Minshew was always a goner.....mariota a huge upgrade as he has a more similar style to jalen

K.white gone....we were never gonna pay him unless it was cheap

Edwards gone.....we would never match that contract he got....we got premium use from a UDFA here....thank you for your time

Epps gone....just a little out of our price range....Blankenship and maybe CJGJ back???

Sanders was always a goner....

Hargrave gone least we net a comp 3rd

CJGJ still out there....his price dropping by the day....howie is working his magic I assume....wouldn't be shocked to see him back especially if he likes in a personal level slay/bradberry/ it back another year with the boys....wouldn't be shocked if he takes a 1-3 year contract between 12-14 mill a year to try to get a huge one again soon when cap goes up

Is lovato back? Always nice to have continuity at long snapper

Surprised pascal still out there....bad sign for quez imo

One good thing about our FA so far is we brought back our own players resulting in a potential max of 4 comp. picks.....howie at it again.

Now to the draft

10th overall

Prefer a small tradeback here to 12-16. Unless Murphy or Anderson is there at 10....and maybe Carter but the legal issues make me lean no

Anderson is a blue-chip no brainer....he won't be there at 10

Carter legal issues scare me...great player...howie miggt if he drops to 10

Murphy is a stud. Tons of versatility #1 realistic eagles target....he is who I want us to draft at 10...might not make it but a lot of boards dropped him....I like his tape a lot....

Wilson is really good but on the old side for a prospect....he reminds me of Rousseau(bills) from few years back

Van ness at 10 is a bit of a reach but he is his tape more than karlaftis from last year(love him in a trade back)

N.Smith....not sure how much combine rose his stock...very small for the position and we already have Reddick..

Witherspoon at 10 I don't mind if he makes it...not quite sauce gardner good is all

Gonzalez I prefer a trade back to 12-16

Porter Jr I prefer trade back to 16-22

I could see OL being the pick at 10..but more likely a project for stoutland in the later rounds....mocks have the top 3 OL available to us most of the time....I like B.Jones the most....Skorinski I would pass on...Paris Johnson is the other one I could see us eyeing at 10....wouldn't hate a small trade back and taking one. But a lot of OL needy teams pick after 10

At 30 I could see us going anywhere...even RB/LB/S...but real low chances on those 3....and trade back as always...need to get a 4th or 5th round pick imo...more darts

Hoping another DL is available....Kancey, Felix, N.Smith...really don't mind a double dip...Cox and Graham retiring sooner than later and Barnett can't stay healthy

Also could see us go WR or CB here

And OL as always....although if we don't grab one of the top 3 I think we draft stout a developmental prospect in the 3rd round or later

Blast away in the comments!