Mock, No Trades

I debated whether it makes sense to post a no trades mock. Almost certainly the team will look to move around and stockpile more picks both this year and for the future. I think they move down from 10, especially if someone is desperate for a WR as Johnson should hopefully fall. That being said, trades are near impossible to mock and so I instead focused on players that I think the team will/should have an interest in. This mock is a total homerun if it came to fruition.

10. Myles Murphy, Edge, Clemson. Total player and fills both a short term and a long term need. They've got Sweat, Graham (old) and Reddick. There are minutes to be had at the Edge spot.

30. O'Cyrus Torrence, G, Florida. Best offensive lineman in the draft for my money. Only this far down in the first because the league generally devalues guard play versus tackle. He backs up both spots this year, and slides in at RG next year when Jurgens moves to Center.

63. DJ Turner, CB, Michigan. New third corner. Can play multiple schemes. Thought about Stevenson from MIami, as he has a better athletic profile, but reports suggest he can only play press.

94. Jordan Battle, S, Alabama. Fills a massive hole at Safety.

219. Stetson Bennett, QB, Georgia. All he does is win, baby! Third Qb with the potential to be a #2. I see no reason to keep Book on the roster.

248. Deneric Prince, RB, Tulsa. This guy is my #1 sleeper. Read this and you'll hopefully be convinced:

Ok, now tell me how crappy my draft is and why I should have included a punter.