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Kylie Kelce, Jason’s wife, gets her own Super Bowl sponsorship

At 38-weeks pregnant, the wife of the Eagles legend partnered with Frida, as their designated MVP — Most Valuable Pusher.

One of the fan-favorite storylines coming out of Super Bowl LVII is Jason and Travis Kelce being the first brothers to compete against each other in the big game. And while that will be some of the focus down on the field, up in the stands, Kylie Kelce, Jason’s wife, will be trying her best not to go into labor. Kylie is 38 weeks pregnant and is actually bringing her doctor to the game just in case.

With all the attention her husband is getting this week, Kylie is getting a little bit of her own, with a sponsorship with Frida, who also took a full page ad to highlight her as the real MVP — Most Valuable Pusher — in this situation.

Angela Andaloro spoke with Kylie Kelce for People:

“When I connected with Frida, we discussed that picture in particular, and I shared it on my Instagram because I just think it’s the epitome of ‘ignorance is bliss,’ “ Kylie explains. “At the top of the picture which is not in the ad, is Jason smiling ear-to-ear, completely unknowing of what was going on.”

“I also think that it’s such an empowering photo. There is a human exiting my body, and my veins are popping on my forehead, and I’m sweating, and it’s the peak of pregnancy,” the mom tells PEOPLE. “You get to finally meet this little human that you built, and that’s the authentic mom feel that Frida gives off to me.”

This is a really cool opportunity for Kylie, and Frida is also honoring all mom’s who deliver babies on February 12 with a care package.

From personal experience, Frida’s line of post-partum products was a game changer and super critical to those first few weeks after delivering a baby. Not to mention, their Frida Baby line seems to have everything you never knew you needed, but absolutely will at some point, while raising little ones.

The partnership between Kylie and Frida seems like a no-brainer, and it’s great to see Kylie getting some of the credit she deserves — even if she’s not the one out on the field Sunday.

She and Jason have two daughters, and will be welcoming their third little girl any day. Jason joked on his and Travis’ New Heights Show that if the baby is delivered during the game, you’ll know that the NFL is scripted, but with the excitement of the moment and the rowdy environment, it might be hard not to go into labor.

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