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The Super Bowl highlights international interest in the NFL

There are a lot of international reporters covering Super Bowl week leading up to the big game.

For a sport that is known around the world as “American football,” it sure has a lot more of an international draw than you might think. The NFL has expanded it’s international market over the years, first adding games in London and then in Mexico, and they started playing games in Germany in 2022.

While all the teams who will be playing in Germany over the next few seasons haven’t been announced yet, there have been German reporters at some of the press conferences for Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni the past few weeks — make of that what you will.

The international attention even seemed to catch Jalen Hurts by surprise during Super Bowl week. The QB answered questions on Wednesday, and as reporters gave their affiliation before asking a question, you could see Hurts realizing the scope of this championship game and the attention it garners.

REPORTER: Hi Jalen, from Paris. Nice to see you.

HURTS: From Paris? [with a big smile and a chuckle]

REPORTER: You should come down sometime, I have PSG tickets.

HURTS: Okay.”

Between Hurts and Sirianni, they answered questions from reporters based out of Canada (Toronto), France (Paris), England (London), Australia, Mexico, and Germany.

Back in 2021, Hurts did an interview with GQ and mentioned that he hadn’t done much traveling and still needed to get his passport. You have to imagine he’s gotten one since then, but if not, it should definitely be at the top of his list after the Super Bowl on Sunday — he’s certainly got some new invitations to consider.

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