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Jeff Garcia talks Eagles being in the Super Bowl, Jalen Hurts, Andy Reid, and more

The former NFL QB stopped by BGN Radio to discuss a number of topics.

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Atlanta Falcons vs Philadelphia Eagles - December 31, 2006 Photo by Joseph Labolito/NFLPhotoLibrary

2006 will forever be a special year for former Eagles QB Jeff Garcia.

During that year starting QB Donovan McNabb tore his anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus in his right knee and was out for the remainder of the season.

Rather than going with A.J. Feeley, Andy Reid decided to start Jeff Garcia who he had signed that year.

Many Eagles’ fans were not happy with this decision and were not hesitant to show their emotions. In Garcia’s first official start at The Linc, fans booed him for the entire game, little did they know he was about to take them on a crazy wild ride.

On the latest BGN Special episode, I spoke with Garcia (via United Gamblers) and he explained how he allowed people’s doubt to motivate him to prove them wrong.

“I utilized that negativity to ignite my fire.”

“I know, I felt that heat from Eagles fans on the first game I started in Philly on a Monday Night Game against the Carolina Panthers and I went down at one moment, the wind got knocked out of me, I’m rolling around in pain trying to get my breathe grasping for air and A.J. Feeley gets up to warm up on the sidelines and the fans go crazy. Believe me it pissed me off.”

The Eagles went on to win that game, 27-24 and then went on a three-game winning streak.

Unfortunately, they loss to the New Orleans Saints 27-24 in the second round of the playoffs and failed to reach their fifth NFC Championship in six years.

Despite the loss, Garcia still remembers that season being one that brought him the most joy in his 11 years playing in the league.

“I had earned the respect, just being that blue-collar, gritty, tough, persevering type of guy on the field. I earned their respect and praise and I look forward to going back to Philly one of these days and just being able to watch a game amongst them and just enjoy the experience. That experience in Philly in 2006 ended up being a great one for me.”

Check out Garcia talking about this, the Eagles being back in the big game, Jalen Hurts’ development, insight on his old head coach Andy Reid, and more.

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