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There is enough salt coming from the 49ers to cure all the bacon in the world

Maybe be prepared next time, San Francisco?

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

“You don’t want to make excuses, BUT...”

“BUT it just, it feels like something got stolen from us.”

“BUT hopefully they change that rule where you can carry a third quarterback...”

Folks, it was like a Sir-Mix-a-Lot music video with all of the “buts” that star San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey brought with him to the set of the Up & Adams Show on Wednesday morning.

Somehow we are still litigating the NFC Championship Game result, a week and a half after the final whistle blew, with salty Niners players claiming that “everything would’ve been different if we just had a third quarterback!”

If you remember correctly, and I’m sure you do, San Francisco’s starting quarterback (who was actually their third stringer) Brock Purdy was knocked out early in the game after the Niners thought it wise to block Hasson Reddick with just their backup tight end. They then brought in career journeyman Josh Johnson who was also knocked out of the game, but did not look like a serviceable option under center before that.

The Niners, who should have already known all about the fact that you can’t have too many quarterbacks on the roster since they were starting their third stringer in the NFC Championship Game, didn’t have another quarterback after that! McCaffrey was the emergency option, and allegedly Jimmy Garoppolo might’ve been available but who knows, and so San Fran had to go back to the injured Purdy who...couldn’t throw the ball much beyond the line of scrimmage.

San Francisco, like every other team in the league, had the option of using their 46th roster spot on a third quarterback but chose not to soooooooo, sorry? I don’t know what these crybabies expect anyone to say here. They blew this on so many fronts that it’s a shock the Eagles didn’t beat them by more.

I hope McCaffrey had fun at the Pro Bowl though!

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