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Eagles highlights from Super Bowl Opening Night

All smiles to kick things off for the Eagles!

The Eagles and Chiefs are in Arizona ahead of the Super Bowl, but with just under a week before the big game, they took the many stages for opening night on Monday. It is one of the many distractions of the week, but the players made it clear that they are still laser-focused on the prize, and still have an opportunity to do something really special.

The guys had huge smiles on their faces all night as they answered silly questions, ragged on each other a little, and truly tried to soak in all the chaos that is Super Bowl week.

Here are some of the highlights from the night:

Sirianni is asked a no-brainer


Hurts on Philly

The Eagles QB was on stage for over an hour on Monday night, and while he wasn’t ready to talk about his future contract — something Jeffrey Lurie mentioned earlier in the evening — Hurts did say that he loves Philadelphia and would love to be here forever.

Hurts said that when he was drafted by the Eagles, Donovan McNabb reached out to his Dad, and took the young QB under his wing. Following in the footsteps of those that came before him, like McNabb, Randall Cunningham, and Michael Vick, is special to him and says a lot about the organization.

While Hurts said he doesn’t have one favorite all-time NFL player, when he was growing up, he had a black Vick jersey from when he was with the Falcons, and then had a green No. 7 when he was in Philly.

All love for Kelce from Mailata

Not only does Mailata have Jason Kelce as his phone background, but it’s an amazing picture of the Eagles’ center in his Batman mask.

...but the Batman props stayed in Philly

Mahomes knows better

These are the two best teams in the NFL, and things have been respectful up to this point between them. Chiefs’ QB Patrick Mahomes must know BG’s penchant for trash talking, and made a pretty smart decision to stay in his lane when sharing the stage.

Andy Reid gives Kelce’s beard a love tug

Pretty cool moment for the former Eagles head coach to reunite with some of his former players.

There’s also this gem:

And Big Red confirmed it’s all love with the Eagles:

The Kelce family is in AZ

Bad JuJu

Weak trolling doesn’t seem like a great vibe for the Chiefs ...

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