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Report: Eagles submit proposal to allow a new NFL jersey number

Well, “new” as defined by a number that hasn’t been worn in about 50 years.

Super Bowl LVII - Philadelphia Eagles Practice Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

As the definitive authority on all things related to #JerseyNumberAnalytics, I couldn’t NOT write about the new proposal the Philadelphia Eagles submitted to the NFL’s competition committee.

The Birds apparently want to be able to use zero as a jersey number.

No. 0.

It’s silly how that isn’t already available when:

1) It was previously used in pro football as recently as the early 1970s.

2) It’s currently used in the college football.

3) It’s currently used in other pro sports (such as the NBA).

4) Teams are only seeing fewer number options with jersey retirements taking place.

5) It’s cool!

Approving this proposal should be a no-brainer. Where’s the downside? And why not bring back the double zeros while we’re at it? (Although no one can ever match a jersey and last name better than Jim Otto wearing No. 00).

The real question is ... which member of the Eagles should be the first to ever wear No. 0? Feels too cool to waste it on a specialist. I think DeVonta Smith switching out from No. 6 could work but I’m not sure he wants to do that. If the Eagles sign Jacoby Brissett or Macus Mariota as a backup quarterback, I think they could pull off No. 0. Or maybe if the Eagles take a high-profile edge rusher in the 2023 NFL Draft? Pairing that zero look with Haason Reddick wearing No. 7 could be something.

The possibilities are numerous.

Do the right thing and bring back zero!


Should the NFL bring back No. 0 as a usable jersey number?

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Oh, and the Eagles also submitted their annual alternative onside kick proposal for the billionth year in a row. You know, the 4th-and-15 scenario that the XFL is using? I’ll believe it’ll get passed when we actually see it happen after it’s failed to see enough support in previous years. Very dumb that the league won’t at least give it a trial run. They’ve went through with much worse ideas (such as making pass interference able to be challenged) before scrapping them.

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