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Eagles All-22 Film Review: Should James Bradberry be re-signed?

Free agency analysis.

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Before the start of NFL Free Agency, I will attempt to break down as many of the Eagles’ free agents as possible. Each article will include stats, the player’s strengths and weaknesses, and my overall thoughts on whether the player should be re-signed or not. All rankings only include players with at least 20% of the snaps this year. All statistics are via Pro Football Focus unless mentioned otherwise! PREVIOUSLY: Javon Hargrave breakdown.


The numbers are outstanding. Being ranked 1st in terms of QB rating when targeted is an elite statistic that Bradberry’s agent will certainly be using in contract discussions! However, it is important that Bradberry benefitted from a scheme that helps out its cornerbacks and a pass rush that allowed him to be aggressive.


+ Very good understanding of an offense’s play call and can read receivers’ routes well

+ Elite in zone coverage. Has such a good feel for when to pass off his receiver and come down on the next receiver. This is his elite talent.

+ Fantastic route recognition and has excellent click-and-close speed to break up/intercept many intermediate routes

+ Is not strictly a zone corner and can line up and play man coverage on the outside.

+ Usually very good at being physical down the field without giving away penalties

+ May not be a tackling machine, but does his job when asked to set the edge the majority of the time. Understands his role in run defense, even if he does not always make the actual tackle.

+ Has a really good grasp of the Eagles’ scheme this past year. You rarely saw busted coverages around him. If the scheme remains very similar he will fit perfectly.

+ Wasn’t asked to do it much in this scheme, but he can press receivers at the line of scrimmage, especially in the red zone


- Played behind an elite pass rush which enabled him to be aggressive and coverage and covered for some mistakes in man coverage

- Played worse as the season went on. Made a few too many mistakes in coverage over the second half of the season. A clear example of this is in the last 4 weeks of the season he allowed a QB rating when targeted of 96, 79, 118, and 83. This averages 94, which is a lot higher than his season average.

- I might be harsh putting this here, but he held on the biggest stage of the year when this was the worst thing he could have done. Giving up a touchdown would have been better

- Is not good enough as a run defender. Has weeks where he brings it and looks motivated but has other weeks where he is not good enough and doesn’t fight to get off blocks and get to the running back


I am conflicted about Bradberry. His numbers are elite. I have seen others rank him as the number 1 priority for the Eagles this offseason, but I think I would rank him behind Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Hargrave, and maybe even TJ Edwards. I just don’t really see how the Eagles will be able to bring back Bradberry this year and afford other key players.

Bradberry’s numbers are elite this year, but I think some of that has to do with how much protection the outside cornerbacks had in Jonathan Gannon’s scheme. As well as that, the pass rush made it easier for all of the Eagles' secondary as quarterbacks didn’t have time to sit in the pocket. The last few weeks of the season, I watched Bradberry get beat quite a few times the last few weeks of the season but the pass rush helped to protect. I know not everyone will agree with me, but I still think Darius Slay is the better cornerback of the two. I also think the Eagles really need to look at their run defense this year. Slay is not a physical cornerback and it might be a better balance to have a young physical CB2 who wants to come downhill and tackle.

Spotrac has projected Bradberry to receive a three-year, $45 million contract, which would rank 10th amongst cornerbacks. Darius Slay already has a $26.1 million cap number this year which is very high. I can’t see the Eagles paying 2 cornerbacks a top-10 amount. I don’t think it’s feasible, or the best way to build your defense. Gannon was quite static with his cornerbacks, but the next defensive coordinator could use Slay to follow other teams' best receivers or want his cornerbacks to be able to move to the slot more. We just don’t know yet.

I think Bradberry had a fantastic year, but I would have to pass and prioritize other free agents, such as CGJ and Hargrave at this point. If the price on Hargrave and CGJ gets too high, I would consider paying Bradberry.

Should they re-sign = No (down to money, not play on the field).


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