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Vic Fangio signed a 2-week contract to help the Eagles with their Super Bowl prep

As Nick Sirianni says, the Eagles didn’t leave any stone unturned when preparing for the big game.

Denver Broncos v Cleveland Browns Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

[UPDATE]: There has been quite a bit of confusion following the reveal that Vic Fangio was just now signed to a contract with the Eagles, but we finally got a bit of context:

The Eagles have been getting a little extra help in the weeks leading up to Super Bowl LVII, having signed former Broncos DC Vic Fangio to a two-week contract, according to ESPN.

Adam Schefter reports that the Eagles had approached Fangio earlier in the season about joining the team officially as a consultant, but he passed at the time. Now, he’s helping the offense self-scout and is giving some insight into the Chiefs — a team he played twice a year from 2019-2021 with the Broncos.

There is some confusion in the Eagle-verse because there were reports earlier in the season, like from Michael Kist, that Fangio was already consulting with the team remotely. Seems like it was more in an intentionally unofficial capacity until this point in the season.

Fangio is still set to move to Miami to be the Dolphins new defensive coordinator once the Super Bowl is over, but should the Eagles win on Sunday, as a member of the staff, Fangio would get a ring. It would be the first ring of his NFL career that started in 1986.

Eagles’ head coach Nick Sirianni speaks often about relying on other coaches for input on various things — like reaching out to Tony Dungy about what made him so successful in games which he had a 14-point lead. It’s not surprising the team would bring in Fangio as a consultant, whether it was at the beginning of the season or now, but now that it’s official he’ll at least get to be part of this team’s final hurrah.

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