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Jordan Phillips says Jason Kelce accusing him of playing dirty is “soft”

Bills DT Jordan Phillips responds to Eagles center Jason Kelce’s calling for him to be fined.

Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Perry Knotts/Getty Images

During the Eagles-Bills game, Buffalo’s defensive tackle Jordan Phillips jumped offsides and proceeded to drive Cam Jurgens into the ground. Eagles center Jason Kelce had a problem with the DT not laying up after the whistle, and said not only should it have drawn a personal foul, Phillips should also have been fined for the play. The NFL didn’t agree, and didn’t end up fining Phillips for the incredibly late him.

Now, Phillips is speaking out about the ordeal, and pointed to the way Kelce dives at his opponents knees during the Brotherly Shove, as a retort.

Kelce rarely calls out other players, and of all the things that people have said about the Brotherly Shove, the way the center plays his role hasn’t been one of them. Kelce even acknowledged that guys are trying new things to stop the play, but said Phillips crossed a line when it looked like he was intentionally trying to hurt Jurgens.

The only way these guys come face-to-face again will be if they both make it to the Super Bowl, and if that happens, you can imagine there will be a lot of smoke leading up to the game.

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