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DeVonta Smith believed to have suffered mild ankle sprain in Eagles’ loss to the Cardinals [UPDATE]

Looks like bad news for one of the Eagles top offensive weapons.

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

[UPDATE]: Things are bad in Philly, but hopefully aren’t that bad for DeVonta Smith, with new reports indicating the WR is dealing with a mild ankle sprain. He’ll undergo additional tests on Monday, but it isn’t expected to be a major injury.

Things went from bad to worse on Sunday after the Eagles lost to the Cardinals in the final minutes of the game. After leaving the field following the second-to-last offensive drive of the game, DeVonta Smith was seen post-game in a walking boot and using crutches.

Smith finished the New Years Eve game with three catches for 30 yards, and a 17-yard long, in an offense that was surprisingly effective despite no one player having a particularly notable performance.

The WR said last week that the team wasn’t playing good football, and that trend continued into Week 17. They were able to get points on the board, but the defense could not get off the field on third downs... again.

With a loss to the Cardinals, the Eagles have likely given up hope on winning the NFC East — the Cowboys just need to beat the Commanders next week to take the title — and could be looking at the No. 5 seed. That means no first round bye, and no home-field advantage, which is definitely not great for Smith, who could now be out of the equation as they prep for the postseason.

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