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Eagles and 49ers were fighting before the game, and for the 60 minutes that followed

It may have been a terrible game for the Eagles, but they were at least fired up the entire time.

The 49ers have been talking trash since the second they lost the NFC Championship game in January, and they were able to back it up in their Week 13 regular season — not for a title, or for anything important — win over the Eagles.

While the Eagles may have lost this incredibly ugly showing, they certainly didn’t take it lying down, and fought their way through the matchup starting with head coach Nick Sirianni pre-game. When the head coach is getting into a fight before kick-off, you know it’s going to be an emotion-fueled, chippy competition.

And the pre-game extracurriculars didn’t end with Sirianni, either.

Obviously, things didn’t settle down after that, and halfway through the third quarter, 49ers LB Dre Greenlaw ended up getting ejected after throwing a punch against Eagles head of security Big Dom [DiSandro]. The back-and-forth wasn’t just between players all day, with the coaches and staff getting riled up, too.

And then shortly after the pair were ejected from the game, there was another scuffle following the Jalen Hurts touchdown off a Brotherly Shove. This time, A.J. Brown took a bit of an extra hit by 49ers CB Charvarius Ward and was none too please with the extra contact — but, let’s be honest, at this point, they were all looking for a reason to break out into a brawl.

So, while it was a miserable game by the Eagles, at least they were fired up and playing with emotion. They could have been down and out, sulking and unmotivated, but that wasn’t the case.

Hopefully they can keep some of that fire heading into another Beat Dallas week, but maybe put it to their advantage on the scoreboard this time.

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