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Jalen Hurts said A.J. Brown demands a lot of himself, and his teammates

The Eagles QB talked about facing former DC Jonathan Gannon, how the team is handling the win over the Giants, and more...

On his teammates frustration

Hurts was seen in the locker room post-game talking to DeVonta Smith and then to Jason Kelce. He explained that those are conversations that happen every game, but it’s not something a lot of people see — it’s all in the pursuit of excellence. The QB said that it takes all 11 guys, and it takes great communication, to play to at the level that they want.

“Those conversations go on just for the betterment of us as a team. Talking about what we saw, and how we can continue to move forward.”

The quarterback was asked about A.J. Brown being upset after the Giants game, but Hurts said he didn’t want to speak for the wideout.

“I don’t know. I know he’s a competitive person. He demands a lot out of himself, and that goes for anyone else in the locker room. Like I said, he has a standard for himself and he’s not compromising that. He’s demanding that of himself, and he wants that out of his teammates, as well, and everyone around him.”

On Eagles QB coach Alex Tanney

“[Tanney]’s kinda always been around. He’s always had a role. Role has changed a little bit this year, but he’s been good. He’s been good. And, it’s been a year of learning, and all of us growing that [the QB] room.”

On getting a win against the Giants

Hurts was asked if the win against the Giants puts them back on track to where they want to be at this point of the season. He said that they’re on a journey, and doesn’t know if they’ll ever really arrive, because they’re always looking to improve and to learn from their last game. He acknowledged that winning is the only thing that matters, and they play this game to win, so of course, winning will help the trajectory of a team.

The QB later said that he doesn’t really have an answer for how he spends the 24 hours enjoying a win, but once he accomplishes that goal, he goes and looks to the things that he wasn’t able to do or didn’t do to his standard. Winning is the main thing, but those experiences are valuable, and every time he gets to play the game or take a rep, is another experience to bank.

Hurts also wasn’t interested in how people perceived the team’s (lack of) excitement about winning, and said that everyone uses different things as motivation, but as long as they’re doing things together and on the same page, it doesn’t matter how they act after a win.

On facing former DC Jonathan Gannon

Hurts said that any familiarity between he and Gannon goes both ways.

“Obviously, I have a lot of respect for Coach Gannon and Coach Nick [Rallis] over there. Built a good relationship with him, and it’ll be a challenge for us.

I know how he is. I know his enthusiasm and his love for the game, and I know the team they have over there, so we have to be ready to play — play at a high level.”

The QB spoke last year about talking to Gannon off to the side during practice to pick his brain, and he mentioned that he does the same thing this year with Matt Patricia.

He later talked about the Cardinals’ defense, saying that they have great players on that side of the ball, starting with Budda Baker as their leader. They fly to the ball and they’re very challenging, so the Eagles’ offense will need to go out and execute and play clean football.

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