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Nick Sirianni said it “feels good” to get the Eagles back on the winning side of things

The Eagles still have a lot to clean up after their win over the Giants, but a victory allowed them to get out of their recent funk.

The Eagles were able to come away with their first win in nearly a month against the Giants on Christmas Day, but it was far from a clean game, and was one filled with self-inflicted penalties and poor decisions. Head coach Nick Sirianni spoke after the game and talked about breaking their losing streak, Jalen Hurts’ performance, and why Britain Covey deserves Pro Bowl votes.

Here’s what the head coach had to say

On breaking their losing streak

“Feels good.

Obviously, got some things to clean up, but good energy to get back on the right side of things. Always a better feeling correcting the tape after a win than a loss, that’s for sure.

We needed to get out of the funk that we were in, and sometimes that’s just by getting a win, and I thought there was a lot of good things out there today.”

He went on to acknowledge that there were also some negative things, like the turnovers, and mentioned that they have some things to clean up in the two-minute drill, as well.

Sirianni also pointed out all the penalties and self-inflicted issues they had that need to be cleaned up. He explained that he feels fortunate that those things can be easily corrected, but they need to get the corrected.

On Jalen Hurts’ performance

“I thought he did a lot of good things. Handling the blitz is a two-fold: the things that we do to put him in positions to make plays, and also him being able to deliver the ball.”

Sirianni went on to say that Hurts played a good game, and while he’ll need to go back and watch the film, he did note that the interception was not on the QB.

When asked about Hurts not running out of bounds just before halftime, and then being saved by a Giants penalty, Sirianni admitted that both he and the QB made mistakes in that drive.

“You know, I didn’t call a timeout and then the clock was going, and I probably wasted 15 seconds there, and that’s bad on my part. Really bad on my part. And then, Jalen [Hurts] not going out of bounds — those combined for us not being able to get a full seven. But, it starts with me.”

He later talked about the unbelievable play by Jalen Hurts and A.J. Brown to covert on 3rd-and-20 on the drive that ended in D’Andre Swift getting a touchdown. They were able to ride that momentum and run the ball down the field. Sirianni said the key to that drive was the athletic effort by Hurts and Brown.

Other notables

  • Sirianni quipped that of course he hears the crowd noise and chants, even with his headset on, but Hurts needs to quiet them down a little bit so he can hear what’s going on on the field.
  • He gave the entire offense credit for the four-minute drive near the end of the game, agreeing that they needed every second of that drive. The head coach said that they’ve been in a lot of four-minute situations this season, and this one was a complete team effort to take the clock down.
  • Sirianni said that he hopes they’re getting closer to playing their best football, but admits that they have better football in them than what they’re playing now. But, to be 11-4 and still have better football in them is encouraging, but they have two games left and they need to get there.
  • On Boston Scott’s kick-off fumble, the head coach said that he’d need to watch the tape, but it looked like the RB was going backward to go forward, which is a tough spot to put yourself in, and then Olamide Zaccheaus looked like he was blocked in to Scott.
  • Sirianni also called Britain Covey a game-changer with the way he plays, and acknowledged that he put one on the ground he’d like back, but that punt return he had was huge from them.
  • When asked about him getting animated on the sideline with Coach Washburn and Haason Reddick, Sirianni said that it happens in games, but they have relationships that allow them to move on quickly.

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