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Jalen Hurts addresses his post-game comments about commitment

The Eagles QB talked about his role as a leader, his thoughts on the final drive in Seattle, and about his interceptions this season.

The Eagles are back to work and quarterback Jalen Hurts spoke to reporters on Thursday about his role as a leader, why he takes ownership over the trajectory of the team, and how he’d do things differently in that final drive on Monday night.

He talked about the comments he made after the loss to Seattle, but as far as the commitment of his teammates, Hurts said that he thinks everyone has the right mentality.

“One thing about leadership is you never want to tell someone else to do something that you’re not gonna do. So, I take ownership, I try to put the hours in, and try to do the little things that need to be done and everybody has those things for their process, but you gotta be able to do that. That has to be the precedent.”

Here’s what else the quarterback had to say:

On his post-game comments

Hurts was asked to explain his post-game comments on Monday about commitment, to which he explained that he was challenging himself, because when you look at things holistically, it all runs through him.

“It all starts with me. And so, when I say ‘we’ I mean ‘me’ because I’m the point guard out there. I’m the one that makes everything go, and I’m the guy that everyone trusts in to do, and set the pace, for everything. That’s in how I play, that’s in my leadership, that’s in every aspect of the game that comes with the shoes that I walk in.

And so, this is a challenge to myself. You challenge yourself and you challenge the people around you.”

The QB went on to say that this situation they’re in is something they’re going through, not something they’re stuck in. He’s embracing the opportunity to keep the main the main thing, and focus on the details and all the little things.

“All of that starts with me, and that’s something that I own. That’s something that I take responsibility in, and I’ve never shied away from, and so I embrace that challenge.”

Hurts said that he doesn’t want to be somebody who didn’t do enough and then lets his teammates down, he doesn’t like feeling that way: “It doesn’t suit me.”

He also mentioned wanting internal change following the Seahawks game, and Hurts explained that everything starts with him — he sets the temperature of the room, and he’s challenging himself to be better in all aspects.

“I know the standard I hold myself too, and I put that standard out there. And so, the reality is, everybody else holds me to that standard, too. But, the only one that matters is my teammates. The only one that matters is my coaches. And me being my own biggest critic, that one matters a lot bit, as well.”

On the final drive in Seattle

When asked about the interception on the final pass of the game, Hurts explained he was trying to give A.J. Brown a chance downfield. Head coach Nick Sirianni said that they were hoping to draw a defensive pass interference call on that play, and Hurts agreed, but noted that’s not their first thought or what they’re taught, but it’s situational football.

The QB admitted he would’ve done a lot of things differently in hindsight when it was pointed out Kenny Gainwell had a lot of open field ahead of him. Hurts said there’s always plays you want back, and that’s in any game, but it’s all a learning opportunity.

On being a leader

Hurts said that it takes a certain level of consistency to know how best to challenge teammates.

“I know that every new team requires a new version of ourselves — every new team, every new year, every new opportunity requires a new version of a person, a new faith in a person. And this team is a different football team, we have everything in front of us, but whose to say that the same journey will be taken as last year? Whose to say that the journey’s going to look the exact same?”

The QB went on to say that for him, it’s just about challenging himself, taking ownership of that, and leading everyone in the right way, setting the right tone, and doing what works for them.

On interceptions this season

“I think some of them have been unfortunate. I think some of them have been just unrhythmic, bad decisions, ball security.”

He noted that ball security has been an issue for all the ball carriers, but it starts with him and he takes the responsibility for all of that.

“We’ll be fine.”

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