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NFL fails to fine Bills DT Jordan Phillips for his dirty play against the Eagles in Week 12

Jason Kelce was adamant that Jordan Phillips deserved a fine for his cheap shot against Cam Jurgens last week. The NFL disagreed.

Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Perry Knotts/Getty Images

Emotions were high during the Eagles-Bills overtime game last Sunday, and Buffalo DT Jordan Phillips not only got into it with a Philly fan, he also made some decisions on the field that had Jason Kelce fuming in the days that followed.

Kelce was specifically mad about one play in which Phillips jumped offsides and continued to drill Cam Jurgens into the dirt — and almost into Jalen Hurts. The refs threw a flag for offsides, but Kelce argued it should have been a personal foul. The veteran center also had strong words about the poor officiating job on the play, saying that the refs not flagging Phillips for a personal foul only led to other issues throughout the game.

Not only did Kelce think Phillips should have received a personal foul, he also called for the DT to be fined by the league to deter these kind of cheap shots moving forward. Turns out, the league did not share Kelce’s thoughts on the matter, and Phillips avoided a fine for his Week 12 play.

So, while that play (and all of the others) by Phillips didn’t deserve a fine in the eyes of the NFL, this one by D’Andre Swift earned a nearly $10k fine for unnecessary roughness.

Let’s just hope we don’t see more of this because the NFL chose to turn a blind eye.

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