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Jalen Hurts after losing to the Seahawks: “I didn’t do my job good enough”

The Eagles QB took accountability for the offensive struggles, noting that it all starts with him playing and leading better.

Jalen Hurts spoke to reporters following the tough Eagles loss to the Seahawks on Monday night, and did not use his illness as an excuse, but rather pointed to a lack of execution. He noted that it’s something he’s talked about several times this season, and it all starts with him, but it’s a challenge he’s embracing.

The QB explained that taking accountability is the reality of the situation, everybody has their role in it and it starts with him. They have to pick themselves out of this. Hurts also said that they’ll play like they practice, so they need to make an internal change in how they attack things and how they come to work everyday.

“As tough as these times are, I still see light at the end of the tunnel. It’s just a matter of believing. This one hurts, it hurts bad — hurts bad just knowing the opportunities we had out there.”

Here’s what else the QB had to say:

On how he’s feeling

“I think all that’s irrelevant at this point. We didn’t play good enough, I didn’t play good enough. They got us.”

On the two INTs

“I was trying to be aggressive in that moment. We had multiple opportunities in the game to open it up, and we didn’t do that, I didn’t do that. I didn’t do my job good enough.”

On the two-minute offense

“Been talking about execution all year, being on the same page, and we didn’t execute. I don’t think we all were committed enough. Just gotta turn it around. It’s a challenge that we gotta embrace, and just continue to see it through.”

Hurts elaborated that by commitment, he means that it takes everybody being all-in in every aspect.

“It starts with me.”

The QB explained that they had multiple opportunities to break the game open, and he has to play better and avoid costly penalties and mental errors. They’ve got to get back to playing team football, and it starts with him leading it.

“We’ve lost games because I could be better, that’ll change everything, and I accept that.”

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