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Fraud Eagles drop third straight game by pathetically losing to the Seahawks, 20 to 17

The Birds are 10-4.

Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles are 10-4 after losing to the Seattle Seahawks at Lumen Field on Monday night. Final score: 20 to 17.

What we all knew deep down but some of us (myself included) didn’t want to admit: The Eagles are frauds.

Absolute frauds.

To only score 17 points against this injured and struggling Seahawks defense? Terrible.

At the very least, this offense should’ve been able to put the game away late in the fourth quarter by picking up one more first down and running the clock out.

Instead, they had to punt it away to put the game in the hands of an untrustworthy defense. And that unit, now effectively coordinated by Matt Patricia — wow, what an upgrade on Sean Desai! — allowed a 92-yard game-winning touchdown drive to backup quarterback Drew Lock.

The Eagles undoubtedly deserved to lose at that point. But they still had a reasonable opportunity to at least kick a long field goal to get to overtime. And instead of being able to do that, Jalen Hurts forced a pass downfield that got picked off for his second interception of the game.

We all know Hurts was playing through sickness, so maybe it wasn’t reasonable to expect him to have a career night. But even affording him some grace, this performance was unacceptable. He regularly bailed pockets early and had too many accuracy issues, including on an underthrown pick to Quez Watkins.

It’s not just Hurts. Nick Sirianni isn’t doing this offense favors with poor play design. Brian Johnson isn’t doing this offense favors with his play-calling.

At the end of the day, though, you pay the QB $51 million per year to be The Guy. The team typically goes as he goes. And they’re accordingly going in a bad way right now.

Not good enough.

And now the Eagles can basically kiss their outside chance of clinching the No. 1 seed goodbye.

They still might win the NFC East since the Cowboys’ loss to the Buffalo Bills afforded them more margin for error. And Dallas has some more tough games coming up.

But that’s no guarantee.

And even if the Eagles do win the division ... what is this unserious team going to do in the playoffs?

They’re very much at risk from going from 10-1 to ending the season with a whimper. Extremely disappointing.

Next up for the Eagles is a Christmas Day home game against Tommy DeVito’s New York Giants.

In case you potentially want your holidays ruined.

Read on for a recap and stay tuned for BGN’s postgame coverage, including the BGN Radio postgame show.


  • The Seahawks won the coin toss and elected to defer. The Eagles got the ball to start and a sick Jalen Hurts took off running for a first down. D’Andre Swift slipped in the backfield with the defense bearing down on him anyway to bring up a third down. Facing 3rd-and-9, the Eagles’ offensive line gave Hurts a strong pocket to work with and he fired a laser over the middle to Dallas Goedert to move the chains. Facing 3rd-and-6 after a hospital ball bubble screen pass to DeVonta Smith went for a loss, the Eagles took a timeout. Then Hurts fired to A.J. Brown over the middle for another first down. Nice to see the middle of the field being utilized more often than last week. Kenny Gainwell had a couple nice runs to move the Eagles into the red zone. Facing 3rd-and-3, Gainwell took another carry up the middle for a first down. After a Gainwell carry for one and a Swift run for none, the Eagles got to third down. Facing 3rd-and-goal from the 3-yard line, Hurts took it himself with a slide into the end zone. Excellent 15-play, 75-yard drive to open the game while taking 8:29 off the clock. 10 runs, 5 passes ... music to the ears of the #RunTheBall enthusiasts out there. EAGLES 7, SEAHAWKS 0.
  • Facing 3rd-and-9, Bradley Roby allowed a catch but immediately tackled DK Metcalf short of the marker. Pete Carroll sent out the punter on 4th-and-1 for a three-and-out. Good start to the Matt Patricia era, aided in part by the Seahawks being cowardly on fourth down.
  • The Eagles took over at their own 12-yard line. Hurts overthrew Swift out of bounds down the left sideline to bring up third down. Facing 3rd-and-5, Hurts got called for a rare quarterback false start (no thanks to the crowd noise). Facing 3rd-and-10, Hurts threw short of the sticks and off target to Goedert for an incompletion. Three-and-out.
  • Braden Mann’s punt took a good bounce to roll for 61 yards, setting up the Seahawks at their own 27-yard line. Josh Sweat absolutely blew up a toss to Kenneth Walker for a TFL of six. Great understanding of what the Seahawks were going to do. Facing 3rd-and-10, Lock had a clean pocket (with Haason Reddick dropping in coverage) to deliver a first down pass to Tyler Lockett. Facing 3rd-and-6 after a false start, Lock’s pass for Noah Fant was high. Kevin Byard had good coverage on the tight end anyway, might’ve been a pick or PBU with a more accurate pass. Two Seahawks drives, two punts!


  • The Seahawks got called for illegal batting on Seattle’s punt and Nick Sirianni made them punt it again from further back. Instead of starting at their own 12-yard line, the Eagles were able to take over at the 29. Facing 3rd-and-1, the Eagles used their first Brotherly Shove of the night to move the chains. The Eagles drove into field goal range with the mix of running the ball and a completion to A.J. Brown. Hurts got hit as he slid but there was no flag. Facing 3rd-and-6, Hurts took off running for three yard. Facing 4th-and-3, Hurts hit an open JULIO JONES just beyond the marker for yet another conversion. Facing 3rd-and-1 after a Swift run, the Eagles lined up for the Brotherly Shove but Jason Kelce got called for a false start. Upon replay ... there was no early movement?! Looked like a phantom call. Facing 3rd-and-6, the Eagles went with a draw to Swift that picked up zero yards. Why not continue to throw it beyond the marker when that’s been working? Sirianni sent in the field goal team to settle for a 27-yard Jake Elliott make. Two-possession lead. EAGLES 10, SEAHAWKS 0.

  • Josh Jobe got called for DPI on Metcalf. The Seahawks drove into field goal range. Kelee Ringo held up on a toss play to his side to put a big pop on Walker and get him out of bounds for no gain. Facing 3rd-and-10, Lock hit Jaxon Smith-Njigba for a first down into the red zone with James Bradberry lined up fairly far off the rookie WR in coverage. Ringo broke up a low throw to Metcalf to force a third down. Facing 3rd-and-7, Patricia sent a 6-man blitz and Reed Blankenship tackled JSN well short of the marker. Nice job of forcing the issue. Facing 4th-and-4, the Seahawks lined up to go for it but it was only an attempt to draw the Eagles offsides (which almost worked with an Eagles defensive lineman moving early but not crossing the line, yikes). The Seahawks settled for the 26-yard FG. EAGLES 10, SEAHAWKS 3.
  • The Eagles took over at their own 25-yard line with 1:42 on the clock and zero timeouts. Hurts to DeVonta picked up 15. Hurts had a pass batted to bring up third down. Facing 3rd-and-10, Hurts overthrew Brown to bring up a punt. Didn’t look like the best design there with Brown and Gainwell running routes so close together to have multiple defenders in the area. Poor spacing.
  • The Seahawks took over at their own 19-yard line with 1:08 on the clock and two timeouts to work with. Lock got called for intentional grounding with Fletcher Cox about to pressure the QB. Facing 3rd-and-14, the Seahawks ran the ball to try to run clock but a (declined) offensive holding penalty stopped the clock.
  • The Eagles took over at their own 33-yard line with 0:27 on the clock. Hurts overthrew Goedert, another off-target pass. Facing 3rd-and-4, Hurts scrambled left and tried to throw to a tightly-covered Gainwell along the left sideline but the RB couldn’t make the play. Mann punted to end the first half.


  • Sydney Brown missed a tackle in space and Shaq Leonard didn’t go a good job of helping to clean it up with the ball-carrier slowed to turn a loss into a first down. The Seahawks drove into field goal range. Walker broke off a 23-yard run to the end zone with Brown whiffing on the way. Rough drive for the rookie safety. And the defense as a whole. EAGLES 10, SEAHAWKS 10.
  • Hurts missed a wide open crossing Goedert on a short throw to bring up third down. Facing 3rd-and-1, the Eagles lined up for the Brotherly Shove ... but instead got tricky and handed off to Swift for a first down. Hurts took off running for another first down. Swift got tackled for a loss on a screen that was totally sniffed out by the Seahawks to bring up third down. Facing 3rd-and-9, Hurts to Brown picked up the first down despite the throw being a little off target. Hurts to DeVonta in a relatively tight window got the Eagles to 1st-and-goal at the 9-yard line. The Eagles went Brotherly Shove from the 1-yard line for the TD. Good response drive by the offense. EAGLES 17, SEAHAWKS 10.
  • Lock overthrew an open Tyler Lockett deep with Ringo trailing. Nolan Smith put a big hit on Walker to only allow one yard. Keep playing Nolan! And then the veteran tag team of Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox combined for a sack on third down. Nice bounce-back series for the defense.
  • Landon Dickerson false starting allowed Lane Johnson not to miss a snap after an injury. Facing 3rd-and-8, the Eagles picked up the blitz and Hurts underthrew Brown deep when he had a crossing DeVonta wide open underneath within his vision. Would’ve been an easy first down and then some. Instead, a punt.
  • The Seahawks took over at their own 30-yard line. Brown missed another tackle that could’ve gone for a loss and instead went for a gain. Walker broke another run to midfield to end the third quarter.


  • Nicholas Morrow came flying into the gap for a big TFL on Walker. Facing 4th-and-2, the Seahawks lined up to go for it ... and took a timeout ... before Lock’s fourth down pass to Metcalf was incomplete but Bradberry was called for DPI for hooking Metcalf’s waist. The Seahawks drove into the red zone. Jalen Carter almost very violently sacked Lock but the QB somehow got a pass off for an incompletion instead. Facing 4th-and-2, the Seahawks called their second timeout ... which allowed Nick Sirianni to challenge that Lock’s knee was down before he threw the ball. And indeed it was with Philly winning the expedited challenge. Facing 4th-and-9, the Seahawks brought the field goal team on instead of going for it. The Eagles were fortunate that Carroll called the timeout because otherwise the Seahawks would’ve gotten away with it. EAGLES 17, SEAHAWKS 13.
  • Good job by Hurts to stand and deliver a throw to DeVonta beyond the sticks with a free rusher bearing down on him. Bad job by Hurts to underthrow Quez Watkins deep in the end zone despite having time to step into the throw. Also, the fact remains: bad things happen when Quez is targeted. The refs also missed Julian Love grabbing Watkins’ jersey. Maybe the call is made with a better effort by the WR to get back to the ball.
  • The Seahawks went three-and-out after Lock threw a bullet that wasn’t caught. It originally looked like Ricks got a hand on the ball but he didn’t actually touch it. Still, the tight coverage may have helped to disrupt the completion.
  • Swift juked a defender in the backfield and broke a run for a first down and did a nice job of staying in bounds to keep the clock running. Facing 3rd-and-7, Hurts broke the pocket and ran right ... and ran back left ... to throw incomplete to Goedert along the left sideline. Failure by the offense to not end the game on their terms by running out the clock.
  • After a 42-yard Mann punt, the Seahawks took over at their own 8-yard line with 1:52 on the clock and only one timeout remaining. A couple completions to Metcalf allowed the Seahawks to creep towards midfield. Morrow broke up a pass to force the Seahawks to third down. Facing 3rd-and-10, Lock aired it out deep and Metcalf made the catch in double coverage with Bradberry beat and Sydney Brown unable to break it up. Natch. Lock missed a throw to bring up another third down. Facing 3rd-and-10, Bradberry got beat by JSN to allow a touchdown. Of course. EAGLES 17, SEAHAWKS 20.
  • The Eagles took over at their own 25-yard line with 0:28 on the clock and three timeouts to work with. Brown caught a Hurts pass but was forced out. Hurts took off running for 20 yards and the Eagles called their first timeout. Hurts then got picked off by Julian Love on a deep throw to a tightly-covered A.J. Brown. Game.



  • Sua Opeta indeed got the start at right guard with Cam Jurgens out.
  • Landon Dickerson had to miss a snap on the first drive with his facemask detaching from his helmet. Tyler Steen came in at left guard for one play.
  • Kelee Ringo started at CB with Darius Slay out. Eli Ricks was in on the second drive, indicating a CB rotation.
  • Shaq Leonard started at LB with Zach Cunningham out.


  • DeVonta Smith got banged up on the first drive. He remained in the game.
  • A.J. Brown looked to be banged up on the Eagles’ third drive. He remained in the game.
  • Grant Calcaterra limped to the Eagles’ locker room late in the second quarter.
  • Nolan Smith (shoulder) was in pain after making a big hit in the third quarter. He was ruled questionable to return.
  • Lane Johnson got rolled up on during the third quarter. He was in pain on the ground before jogging off. He didn’t have to miss a snap since the Eagles had a false start right after the play he got hurt on.

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