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NFL Playoff Picture: Eagles *officially* clinch a spot

As expected, the Birds are postseason bound.

Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles are *officially* going to be in the 2024 NFL playoffs.

The Birds entered Week 15 with nine different clinching scenarios, eight of which were achievable prior to the Eagles even playing their Monday Night Football game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Not one but two of those nine scenarios unfolded:

1) Packers loss AND Falcons loss or tie AND 49ers win or tie AND Lions win

2) Vikings loss or tie AND Falcons loss or tie AND 49ers win or tie AND Lions win

As previously noted, it’s not like the Eagles were hoping these scenarios became reality.

Now, the Eagles don’t really want to see the Falcons or Bucs lose. Those results help the Saints stay alive for the NFC South crown and Philly owns New Orleans’ 2024 second-round pick. The Eagles also don’t want to see the 49ers win as it relates to keeping the No. 1 seed in play. They also don’t want to see the Lions win. So, the Eagles won’t really be rooting for any of these scenarios to unfold.

But, hey, they happened and the Eagles are mathematically incapable of being eliminated from playoff contention. Even though they just had two bad losses ... and unexpectedly demoted their defensive coordinator ... and are dealing with the possibility of their quarterback missing Monday night’s game ... among other various concerns.

The Eagles merely making the postseason was never in much doubt after the team started 10-1. The bigger question has always been the matter of seeding. Will the 49ers stumble and give the Eagles a chance to get a first-round bye? Will the Eagles avoid slipping up and allowing the Cowboys to overtake them in the NFC East?

We’ll see.

For now, we can acknowledge the Birds are playoff bound for the third year in a row and the sixth time in the last seven seasons.

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