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NFL bans Dom DiSandro from the Eagles sideline for the rest of the 2023 regular season

Well, this is overblown.

NFL: SEP 14 Vikings at Eagles Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Despite an appeal, the NFL ruled that Eagles head of security Dom DiSandro will be banned from the sideline for the remainder of the 2023 NFL regular season following his altercation in Week 13 with 49ers CB Dre Greenlaw, per reports. Adam Schefter noted that Big Dom will be allowed to return to the sideline for the postseason.

DiSandro and Greenlaw were able to move on from this, we saw dust ups in other Week 14 games in which staff intervened on the field, and yet, the NFL really seems to be digging their heals in on this overblown situation.

Eagles GM Howie Roseman has never been shy to heap praise and appreciation on Big Dom, so there’s little reason to believe this issue will mean anything for his position within the organization. Head coach Nick Sirianni repeatedly stated that DiSandro was simply trying to diffuse the situation, lauding his character.

Regardless, DiSandro will still be able to travel with the team and perform all of his other game day duties, sans what he does on the sideline.

There was video of Big Dom last week in Dallas standing just inside before tunnel, dapping up guys as they prepared to take the field. He obviously means a lot to the guys in the building, and him having their back even when he maybe isn’t supposed to, is only going to strengthen their appreciation.

But, good for Roger Goodell making a “statement” with this decision and really not affecting things whatsoever.

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