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Eagles lose sixth straight Cowboys game set in Dallas, 33 to 13

The Birds are 10-3.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles are 10-3 after losing to the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium for a sixth straight time. Final score: 30 to 13.

I stand by what I wrote prior to this game, when I very confidently predicted an Eagles loss. The TL;DR version is that this result hardly means the Eagles’ season is over. In fact — and I know you might not want to hear this right now but it’s true — they still control their destiny when it comes to winning the NFC East.

The Birds will try to bounce back from two straight losses in a Week 15 Monday Night Football road matchup against the Seattle Seahawks.

Read on for a recap and stay tuned for BGN’s postgame coverage, including the BGN Radio postgame show.


  • The Eagles won the coin toss and elected to defer. The Cowboys didn’t take long to drive into field goal range. Then they moved into the red zone. Facing 3rd-and-2 from the 13-yard line, Dak Prescott scrambled left and hit a crossing CeeDee Lamb for a touchdown. There was a flag thrown (for a hold on Jordan Davis) and Kevin Byard signaled it was on Dallas ... but the refs conferred and said it was actually no penalty. OK, then!? 10-play, 75-yard TD drive in 5:00. EAGLES 0, COWBOYS 7.
  • The Eagles’ first play was a designed QB run that Jalen Hurts took for a first down. Hurts slightly overthrew A.J. Brown deep. Dallas Goedert logged his first reception since getting injured for a first down into Cowboys territory. Lane Johnson got hit with a false start to knock the offense back. DeVonta Smith dropped a pass after taking a hard hit to bring up third down. Then Jordan Mailata got called for a false start. Facing 3rd-and-16, Hurts stepped up to avoid the pass rush and fired a pass to an open DeVonta for a first down. Really nice job by the Eagles QB. Brown got called for offensive pass interference on a pick to knock the Birds back. Hurts took off running on another designed run and got stripped while going to the ground for a Cowboys recovery. Terrible turnover.
  • Nolan Smith pressured Prescott and helped force a pass that was knocked down by Darius Slay. Would be nice if the Eagles played him more! Facing 3rd-and-9, Dak found an open Lamb, who beat Bradley Roby in the slot. Facing 3rd-and-2, Dak missed Michael Gallup high. Mike McCarthy went for it on 4th-and-2 ... and Tony Pollard took the carry for a first down. Jalen Carter got held after exploding into the backfield for a potential turnover on downs, no call. Fletcher Cox drew a holding call and then deflected a pass on back-to-back plays but Slay got called for DPI to bail the Cowboys out of 3rd-and-17. Pretty weak call. The Cowboys got set back after another holding penalty. Facing 3rd-and-20, Prescott’s pass short of the sticks was broken up by Byard. Omg, a stop! And then Brandon Aubrey naturally hit a 60-yard field goal. But better than a touchdown! Progress! EAGLES 0, COWBOYS 10.
  • The Eagles went with a screen to Goedert and a Swift run to bring up third down at the end of the first quarter.


  • Facing 3rd-and-2, the Eagles ran their favorite play with Goedert crossing in motion but he was covered and Hurts threw to DeVonta, who couldn’t hang on to the ball. Nick Sirianni decided to punt ... or not! It was a fake with Braden Mann delivering a good throw to a wide open Olamide Zaccheaus for 28 yards! Unironically, yet another shining moment for Eagles special teams coordinator Michael Clay. Facing 3rd-and-5, the ball went right through Brown’s hands along the sideline. Looks like he struggled to fully track it in the air after having to turn his head. Really gotta catch a great throw from Hurts like that. Jake Elliott came in for the 52-yard field goal make. EAGLES 3, COWBOYS 10.
  • Dak found Jake Ferguson, who tortured the Eagles’ defense in Week 9, open over the middle for a big catch-and-run into Cowboys territory. Dallas methodically moved into the red zone without much resistance. Facing 3rd-and-1 at the 7-yard line, the Cowboys went Brotherly Shove and got the first down to bring up goal-to-go. Nicholas Morrow did a nice job of breaking up a Dak pass to bring up 3rd-and-goal from the 1-yard line. Rico Dowdle was then ruled down short of the goal line ... but a McCarthy challenge overturned the call. 12-play, 75-yard TD drive in 6:21. EAGLES 3, COWBOYS 17.
  • The Eagles took six plays to drive into the red zone. Hurts took a hit after sliding but did not get a call. Hurts got sacked to knock the Eagles out of the red zone. Facing 3rd-and-18, Hurts’ pass was tipped and incomplete as the Cowboys brought a blitz. Really bad to not get seven points. EAGLES 6, COWBOYS 17.
  • The Cowboys took over at their own 25-yard line with 1:48 on the clock and two timeouts to work with. Haason Reddick notched his 10th sack of the season to knock the Cowboys back. Facing 3rd-and-6, Kelee Ringo was in the game for some reason (?!) for his second-ever defensive snap in the NFL and allowed a catch to Brandin Cooks AND committed a rare two penalties (DPI, face mask) that both got enforced to allow the Cowboys to move to the Eagles’ 35-yard line. What the hell. Have never seen that before. Prescott completed a pass to the Eagles’ 1-yard line with Brandin Cooks cooking James Bradberry. Two plays later, Dak found Gallup for the touchdown. Awful. For the second time in this game, a flag was thrown on a Cowboys score and then called no penalty. EAGLES 6, COWBOYS 24.
  • Nothing cooking for the Eagles after taking over with 0:20 in the second quarter.


  • The Eagles moved the ball a bit while pounding the rock but then Brown got stripped by Stephon Gilmore while running after the catch. Great, another killer turnover.
  • Sydney Brown got his hand in on a deep shot to Lamb to break up a potential touchdown. Then Dak’s third down was completed short of the sticks! OMG! A PUNT! A STOP! WOW! IT’S A MIRACLE!
  • A Hurts pass to DeVonta was too high. And then a 3rd-and-6 throw to DeVonta was too wide and incomplete after a bad snap.
  • Fletcher Cox strip-sacked Prescott and Jalen Carter recovered for a touchdown. Life?! EAGLES 13, COWBOYS 24.
  • Big Play Slay made a big play to break up a pass on a slant. Facing 3rd-and-6, Sean Desai brought the blitz but Dak completed the ball to Ferguson for a big catch-and-run into field goal range. Tough one, Sydney Brown had tight coverage but just got beat by a perfect throw. The Cowboys got set back due to a weak (and rare) clipping penalty. Facing 3rd-and-15, Brandon Graham drew a holding penalty for getting tackled by the Cowboys’ center. Facing 3rd-and-25, the Cowboys went with a run to set up another long field goal attempt. Aubrey’s kick from 59 yards ... money. Naturally he became the first player in NFL history to make two kicks of 59+ in the same game. EAGLES 13, COWBOYS 27.
  • The Eagles quickly moved past midfield. And then into field goal range. Hurts to DeVonta in the end zone slightly overthrown. Facing 3rd-and-11, Hurts to Brown short of the sticks brought up fourth down. Facing 4th-and-8, Nick Sirianni went for it ... and DeVonta was tackled short of the sticks after a short catch. Turnover on downs.


  • Bradberry got called for DPI to allow a first down on third down. Facing 3rd-and-3, Cooks dropped a touchdown with Bradberry trailing. McCarthy opted for a field goal to make it a three-possession game. EAGLES 13, COWBOYS 30.
  • The Eagles had a Brotherly Shove on 3rd-and-1 wiped out by Landon Dickerson (read: actually Jason Kelce’s hand) being called for being offside. Not the first time it’s happened this season. But then Hurts to Brown on a bubble screen picked up a first on 3rd-and-6. DeVonta had a big catch-and-run into the red zone and fumbled for a Cowboys turnover. Nightmare game for a player who is usually very good.
  • The Cowboys took 5:30 off the clock to set up a field goal. EAGLES 13, COWBOYS 33.
  • The Eagles took over with 1:08 left in the game. Marcus Mariota and some backups were in to run the clock out.



  • Zach Cunningham and Nicholas Morrow started at linebacker.
  • Shaq Leonard made his defensive debut in the second quarter.


  • Zach Cunningham visited the medical tent late in the first quarter. He remained in the game.
  • Reed Blankenship (concussion) got banged up early in the second quarter on helmet-to-helmet contact. He was later ruled out.
  • Nicholas Morrow entered the medical tent in the third quarter.
  • Darius Slay and Kelee Ringo visited the medical tent in the third quarter.
  • Cam Jurgens (chest) was ruled questionable to return. He remained in the game.

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