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NFC East November Recap

Seasons greetings

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It is December. The holidays, the shopping for the holidays, the final weeks to finish your tax write offs, Toyotathon... it’s an exciting time.

Before we go forward with the month let’s take a moment to look back to November and the ever so exciting developments in the NFC East.

Philadelphia Eagles

What happened in November: Not a lot. They beat the Cowboys, Chiefs, and Bills. No big deal.

December schedule: vs 49ers, at Cowboys, at Seahawks, vs Giants, vs Cardinals

Goal for the rest of the season: Clinch the 1 seed.

How achievable is that: Very. With a two game lead on everyone, the Eagles can afford to lose to the 49ers or the Cowboys. They could lose to both and still be the 1 seed, the Cowboys still have to play the Bills, Dolphins, and Lions, the 49ers still have to play the Ravens, and the Lions still have to play the Cowboys, the surging Broncos, and have the potentially tricky Vikings home and away games. A 14-3 Eagles team can absolutely be the 1 seed. Everyone else just has to trip up once, and anything can happen in the NFL.

So of course all that went into the season and has gone on in the season comes down to this: beat the Cowboys and the Eagles will win the division and have a firm grip on the 1 seed. It’s that easy.

Dallas Cowboys

What happened in November: They beat the Giants, Panthers, Commanders, and Seahawks. Congratulations. Oh, also they lost to the Eagles when Dak Prescott stepped out of bounds on a two point conversion which forced the Cowboys to go for a touchdown on not one but two red zone trips in the final 1:22 of the game rather than kick a FG to tie and then win.

December schedule: vs Eagles, at Bills, at Dolphins, vs Lions

Goal for the rest of the season: Beat the Eagles and then go undefeated the rest of the season to win the NFC East.

How achievable is that: Not very. They can absolutely beat the Eagles next week. But win out the rest of the year? The best team they have beaten all season were the now 6-6 Seahawks last night, who they had to come from behind to beat.

But first and foremost they have to beat the Eagles. Lose that game and nothing else matters. No pressure!

New York Giants

What happened in November: After back to back blowouts at the hands of the Raiders and Cowboys, Tommy “Dimes” DeVito, a 25 year old who lives with his parents and is named after a movie character infamous for being shot in the back of the head, “led” the Giants to a two game winning streak over the hapless Commanders and Patriots. The defense had nine turnovers in those wins. Speaking of the defense it was reported that Coach of the Year™ Brian Daboll has had it with defensive coordinator Wink Martindale, or Wink Martindale has had it with Daboll, Maybe it was Martindale who told Michael Kay that a child’s birthday party was a huge party? Whatever the reported behind the scenes drama is, Coach of the Year™ Brian Daboll gave Martindale the game ball after beating the Patriots which is absolutely something you do entirely for PR in a season falling apart at the seams. Love what Coach of the Year™ Brian Daboll is building up there in New Jersey.

December schedule: Bye, vs Packers, at Saints, at Eagles, vs Rams

Goal for the rest of the season: Lose out and hope to be able to draft/trade up in the draft for a QB, because another year of running it back should get everyone fired.

How achievable is that: Pretty bad. The Giants currently would have the 6th pick. If they can finish with a worse record than the Commanders and Bears, they should have a top 4 pick. Normally that’s good enough to draft a QB, but not this year, the Bears (via the Panthers) and Patriots will draft ahead of them, which is not where you want to be in a two QB draft.

The Giants can’t even tank right.

Washington Football Team Commanders

What happened in November: Beat the Patriots, then lost to the Seahawks, Giants, and Cowboys. Defensive coordinator Jack del Rio was fired, Ron Rivera is next. Sam Howell took over the league lead for passing yardage, he also has 53 more attempts than the next guy, his 6.9 yards per attempt is good for 20th in the league behind among other QBs Ryan Tannehill and Desmond Ridder. He’s also 20th in touchdown rate behind among other QBs Baker Mayfield and Deshaun Watson. Nice fantasy QB.

December schedule: vs Dolphins, bye, at Rams, at Jets, vs 49ers

Goal for the rest of the season: Lose out and draft/trade up for native son Caleb Williams.

How achievable is that: See the Giants section, but with everyone getting fired this offseason.

Though there is still a third of the season to go, the NFC East will come down to just one game. Maybe.

The Giants and Commanders entered the season with playoff aspirations. They’re all but eliminated by December, thank you for participating this season, your door prize may or may not be waiting for you at the exit.

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