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Jalen Hurts: “I don’t think the bye week could come at a better time”

The Eagles QB spoke after beating the Cowboys about the resiliency of the team, and lauded the way they persevered.

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts led the team to a big win over the Cowboys on Sunday, pushing the team to 8-1. While Hurts admits that winning is all that matters, he noted in his post-game press conference that playing to their standard is also important, and they didn’t do that in this game. Still, he was impressed with how much resilience the team showed.

“What an incredible win. What an incredible sense of resilience and perseverance from this team.”

He went on to admit that they still have yet to play a complete game, and play to their standard, but they’re still hungry to grow and build on the things they’ve done. Hurts said that there are things they want back in all three phases of the game, but it’s always about finding a way to win.

“I feel like we have to be better and we have to continue to grow. I’m as hungry as ever to continue to try to strive for those new heights, but I think it all comes down to execution. When we do that at a high level, we’re pretty good. When we’re not, we’re not. It’s a mater of everybody being on the same page and growing through that together. This obviously is a very important time for everyone as we enter this phase of the season. It comes down to execution.”

The QB talked about the offense being repeat offenders when they put the defense back on the field for the last drive of the game. They did that last week against the Commanders and again against the Cowboys. He credited the defense for stepping up in those critical moments, while also emphasizing the need for the offense to stop making those same mistakes at the end of the game.

“You look at the defense and the situations that they’ve been in throughout the season and how they showed up today in this moment whether it was a DPI, a holding, or whatever, they found a way to respond. So it’s a great job by them.”

As usual, Hurts didn’t want to talk much about the knee injury he suffered just before halftime, but admitted that the bye week is coming at the perfect time.

“It was a gritty win, it was a gritty win. It was a tough win. Much respect to that team. Always very competitive and have great players. But I don’t think the bye week could come at a better time.”

His teammates have talked about how the QB playing through issues gives them energy, and while he doesn’t like it being that way, he’s willing to do anything for this team.

“I’d do anything for this city and for my teammates. It takes what it takes and that’s simply put. Whatever it takes and I’m just happy that we were able to gut out this win and we showed so much resilience.”

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