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Jalen Hurts injury: Eagles QB limps off field, returns to start second half

The star quarterback got hit in his injured knee but appears to be playing through it.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

As the Philadelphia Eagles were driving at the end of the first half, star quarterback Jalen Hurts was sacked by Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys and Hurts didn’t immediately get back up. Hurts limped off the field but returned to hand the ball off on the next play and then gingerly jogged to the locker room ahead of the rest of the team.

If you look closely at the replay below, you can see that a Cowboys helmet hits Hurts’ left knee before getting sacked by Parsons. You may remember that Hurts’ left knee was the one that got banged up a few weeks ago against the Miami Dolphins. Hurts has been playing with a brace on the knee since then to help with, what the Eagles have called, a bone bruise. Hurts was not listed on the injury report ahead of the Dallas game and declined to discuss his knee during a press conference earlier this week.

Hurts was 10-of-13 in the first half for 120 yards while also running five times for 19 yards and a touchdown. He is back on the field to start the second half as the Birds look to take back the lead from the Cowboys.

We’ll obviously keep you updated on this situation as needed.

UPDATE: Hurts led an Eagles TD drive where he used his legs to convert a third down and then threw a dime to DeVonta Smith. So, maybe he’s OK?

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