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Cowboys writer gives 3 reasons why the Eagles will win in Week 9

Looking at the enemy’s biggest concerns.

Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Bleeding Green Nation already took some time to chat with Blogging The Boys in order to preview this incredibly important Week 9 Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys matchup and you can read that here.

Today, we’re back with three reasons why each team might lose. This activity allows us to show what the other side is concerned about. Read on for why the Cowboys could lose, as written by my NFC East Mixtape co-host, RJ Ochoa.

1. The offensive line is not what you think that it is

A lot of people look at the Dallas Cowboys and see the names on their offensive line (Tyron Smith and Zack Martin at the very top) and assume that they are who they were circa 2016. That is hardly the case.

The Cowboys have struggled to find continuity on the offensive line so far this season and even when the group has been together (the preferred five have started 2 games this season) they have not exactly been perfect.

Call it not having enough time to gel together or just Father Time catching up to some players, but they can definitely be had in the trenches.

Watch RJ Ochoa and I preview this matchup further on the latest NFC East Mixtape episode:

2. The opportunistic nature of the defense can hurt them

Obviously the Cowboys have a tremendous defense and are very skilled at taking the ball away from other teams, but they play with an aggression that is required for that to happen. Consider that before things got away from the Rams last week that they had converted a 3rd and 11 early in the game against Dallas. Clearly that did not mean much in the grand scheme of things, but it only happened because Dallas was trying to hit a home run the way that they are accustomed to on that side of the ball.

Getting down to brass tacks my point is that the Cowboys like to attack on defense but that doing so brings with it an inherent risk factor that some teams, certainly one like the Eagles, can take advantage of.

3. Mike McCarthy is over-criticized, but he has opened the door for doubt this season

We are coming off of what is easily the best offensive performance of the season for the Cowboys and their play-caller in Mike McCarthy, but the game before that was a pretty low point for the group (the win over the Chargers).

Dallas beat Los Angeles, but their offense was really shy. Near the end of the first half, some of you may be aware of this, Mike McCarthy purposefully settled for a field goal attempt instead of trying to push the limits down near the goal line. It seemed like a really weak mentality and disposition.

Again, the Cowboys rebounded from that rather strongly against the Rams and perhaps that is more of who they will be across the rest of this season. But that doubt lingers in people’s minds and it’s hard to assume that things like that will never happen again.

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