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What They’re Saying About The Eagles: Dallas Week Edition


You may be asking “Norm, we beat Washington last week. Why is this a Dallas themed WTS?”. Well there are two reasons for that my inquisitive reader:

  1. I spent the last week searching for comments from other fan bases. Our normal contributors (NFC East, Niners, etc) either had games during the same time as us, or just straight up did not have early game threads up. Hard to do a WTS when they aren’t saying anything.
  2. F**k Dallas

You may not have noticed, but it is Dallas week. *cue Dallas fan talking about “oh this y’all Super Bowl” or “Rent Free!”* So I wanted to compile a relatively short compilation of the trash talk from our two fan bases.

Since this isn’t really my normal style, I will be doing it in a very simple The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly breakdown:

The Good: These will be generally nice comments. Honest and unbiased opinions of the teams.

The Bad: Delicious delicious shit talk.

The Ugly: People who just need to have their comments called out. People talking about punching Siri, trash city, Phoenix. Things of that nature.

At least it was going to be that. Surprisingly little trash talk leading up to this game. Both sides seem to be pretty confident they are going to lose, or that it will be a close game. 0 for 2 in the What They’re Sayings is tough.

Let’s get to it. This is:

What They’re Saying About the Eagles: F**k Dallas Edition


Flat Earth Theory

I Dunno, Sounds A Little Cocky

At Least Reddit Is Doing It Kinda Right

That’s it guys. I’m disappointed. Our fanbase is renowned for trash talk, especially when it comes to the Cowboys. Yet here we are, with both sides mostly being.... meh.
Hopefully with this game being in the afternoon slot we will get enough people commenting to make a true WTS next week. And yes I am calling for a win. I want to see us embarrass Dallas. I want to see no fewer than 3 Brotherly Shove touchdowns. I want to see AJ make Bland cry on the sidelines. If we don’t win by at least 2 scores I swear to the football gods I will go full Phoenix.

Cheer me up by hating on Dallas in the comments, and as always



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