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Eagles vs. Cowboys stats preview

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images

You know the drill by now; it’s another Philadelphia Eagles stats preview. As always, I’m working with my podcast partner Shane Haff who podcasts for BGN and has some great designs that will make this article easier to follow. All stats are from Sports Info Solution, FTN Fantasy, and ESPN. This game is a big one... let’s get into it.

Eagles Tendencies

The Eagles’ offense has actually remained pretty consistent throughout the year. I wondered if 13 personnel would return this year, but it is never used. It’s really interesting to see the Eagles only have 2% designed rollouts considering Hurts but I don’t think he needs it. I have written about the Eagles’ zone running game and I would like to see that gap run % increase.

This defense remains a heavy man coverage defense and we saw it again this past week. It’s a big reason why teams are attacking the Eagles with bunches and stacks. The Eagles blitz success rate is getting worse every week and they have a lot more success with dropping more defenders into coverage and rushing four.

Cowboys Tendencies

This is a very multiple offense and it won’t just run 1 personnel package. The Cowboys’ offense does everything well without doing anything really well. They run a lot of gap scheme runs so I expect to see a lot of 5-man fronts and Jordan Davis this week. I would also expect to see a lot of play-action, which will put pressure on the Eagles linebackers. I have watched quite a lot of the Cowboys this year and they like to run a lot of quick game. This is something that the Eagles struggled to stop this past week, so I hope they have some better answers and let their cornerbacks compete more at the line of scrimmage.

This defense is really good. They play a stacked box a lot, but they actually excel more from a lightbox. The number I am focusing on this week is the lack of two-high shells. This is a bit more of an old-school cover 1 man defense, and I expect to see a lot of throws to AJ Brown and some vertical shots to take advantage of this.


This feels like a pretty close matchup and the teams feel quite similar. The Eagles’ offense is definitely better, but you gave to give the edge to the Cowboys’ defense. The Cowboys have not run the ball well this year, so I hope the Eagles can shut them down and get them into obvious passing situations. There are not many matchups that stand out too much one way or another, but the Eagles’ run defense vs the Cowboys’ running game feels like the most one-sided of the matchups.

These two teams have been excellent in the trenches for the past few years. The Eagles remain excellent in the trenches, but the Cowboys are not as good as they once were. However, the Cowboys pass rush is extremely good, and the Eagles haven’t been perfect in pass protection in recent weeks. Micah Parsons is obviously an extremely good player, and although the Eagles have done a good job against him in recent matchups, he always worries me.

Both these teams are really good on 3rd down, but the Cowboys’ defense is certainly better than the Eagles on late downs. The Cowboys are very strong on 3rd down on both sides of the ball.

The Cowboys’ offense has really struggled in the redzone. This has been their biggest problem this year. I hope it continues but the Eagles’ defense has been really bad in the redzone too. This feels like one of those games where the Eagles' defense will give up a lot of yards but will be able to bend but not break.

That’s all for this one! This game always has me more nervous than any other game on the schedule, and I am hoping I can breakdown a victory next week. Go Birds!

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