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4 ways the Eagles can *officially* clinch a playoff spot in Week 13

Philadelphia can formally punch their postseason ticket as soon as this weekend.

Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

With a 10-1 record, the Philadelphia Eagles are obviously going to make the playoffs. But they have yet to officially clinch a postseason berth. That can change as soon as this Sunday.

There are four different scenarios where the Eagles will become the first NFL team to lock in a playoff spot this season.

Here are the relevant games:

And here are the four scenarios:

1) Eagles win AND Rams loss or tie

2) Eagles win AND Lions loss AND Packers loss or tie

3) Eagles tie AND Rams loss AND Packers loss or tie AND Falcons loss or tie

4) Eagles tie AND Rams loss AND Packers loss or tie AND Saints loss or tie

Again, it’s not a question of the Eagles making the playoffs. The part that remains to be seen is if they’ll earn the top seed or not.

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