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The Eagles sure have a lot of bulletin board material for the 49ers game

San Francisco is facing a LOT of pressure to back up their trash talk.

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles shouldn’t need extra motivation to beat the San Francisco 49ers this week.

It’s already a massive game as it relates to the NFC playoff picture.

With an Eagles win, their chances of clinching the No. 1 seed improve from 68% to 92%.

With an Eagles loss, their chances go down from 68% to 54%.

But the reality is that the Eagles have been provided with extra incentive to win on Sunday.

For starters, Nick Sirianni can play up the classic ‘no one believes in us!’ angle that’s worked well in Philly before. The Birds somehow have the luxury of being a 2.5-point home underdog on DraftKings Sportsbook despite their 10-1 record.

And if that’s not enough, well, let’s revisit all the trash talking that the 49ers have done since losing to the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game, shall we?


One 49ers player essentially accused the NFL of rigging the game in favor of the Eagles.

Then McCaffrey’s amazing run tied the game, instilling a sense of hope. “We needed like five more of those,” a dejected McCaffrey said later. The Eagles responded with a 14-play, 75-yard touchdown drive facilitated by three defensive penalties that negated potential stops. Suffice it to say, the Niners weren’t thrilled with the officiating. “It felt like once Purdy got hurt, someone at the league called down and said, ‘Make sure the Eagles get to the Super Bowl, and not them,’” one Niners player told me. I’m withholding his name because he would prefer to keep his money, rather than paying a fine to the NFL.That may be a bit over the top, but let’s just say he wasn’t the only frustrated person in that locker room.


49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk said the Eagles got “extremely lucky” that the Eagles’ historically good pass rush knocked Brock Purdy and Josh Johnson out of the game.

“We have a talented football team,” Aiyuk recently told The SFNiners, via “We have, hands down, the best football team in the league. Hands down. . . . I’m not going even going to argue with anyone who thinks they should argue that.” Aiyuk also believes that the Philadelphia defense is going to be exposed in seven days by a very potent Kansas City offense. “I don’t know fully about that defense,” Aiyuk said, via Grant Cohn of “They talk about them being a good defense — I’m not sure. I think this Kansas City pass game will expose what we thought we were going to expose before some unfortunate circumstances. They got extremely lucky.”


Former 49ers kicker Robbie Gould called Jalen Hurts’ passing ability into question.

“I think, from experience and talent, I like Kansas City over Philadelphia. And I’m not taking anything away from Philly, I think they’re a really good football team. Obviously you have to be a good football team to get there, and they’ve done it pretty convincingly. They haven’t really had to play, in the playoffs, a full game, right? So you get in a game where they’re down? Obviously if Kansas City gets up on them early, it might take them a little bit out of their game, their run plan, which I assume they’re going to try to get going first, to get Jalen Hurts going. But if you make Jalen Hurts play quarterback, you’re going to have a pretty solid day on defense.”


49ers receiver Deebo Samuel said 2022 second-team All-Pro cornerback James Bradberry is “trash.”


Deebo said he “hates” the Eagles.

Q: Brandon Aiyuk said you guys were the best team hands down even after losing. I’d assume you agree? DEEBO: No question. Q: Even with the Chiefs beating the Eagles, the team that beat y’all? DEEBO: We lost because we played with 10 people. [...] Q: You said recently the Rams are the team you hate the most. Jalen Ramsey left, will you be disappointed to not match up with him twice a year anymore? DEEBO: I mean it’s cool. A lot of people think we got beef but in real life, that’s my dog. That’s my partner but on the field, there ain’t no friends. It’s cool, I was happy to see he was excited to move on and go to a different team but going back to your question, (my) most hated team is the Eagles right now. 100 percent. Q: Oh so it’s different now. Why did you change your mind to the Eagles? DEEBO: I mean hey man, we done wiped the Rams so many times. All the trash talk coming from the Eagles fan base and the players, you just get tired of that.

Trash talk coming from the Eagles and their fans? In response to the 49ers’ crying, sure. But they’re clearly not the side that started it.

MAY 11

Here’s what the 49ers’ head coach has said about this game:

From 94WIP:

“I don’t like going back to Philly again,” Shanahan also said. “My wife is bitter about it, she didn’t like her fan experience in the stands, so she’s not going this time.”


When asked if he regretted calling Bradberry “trash,” Samuel said the following:

“I don’t regret nothing I say.”

The 49ers are a very good football team. But they’ve unnecessarily put a lot of pressure on themselves by going out of their way to insult the Eagles after losing to them.

The question is: are the Birds going to allow a team that so blatantly disrespected them to enter their house and leave with a win?

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