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Report: Shaquille Leonard set to visit Eagles after meeting with Cowboys [UPDATES]

Dallas and Philadelphia are competing for the former Colts linebacker.

Los Angeles Rams v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

THIRD UPDATE: Adam Schefter reports Shaq Leonard will indeed visit the Eagles on Wednesday.

SECOND UPDATE: Jordan Schultz reports Shaq Leonard had a “successful” visit with the Cowboys and is set to meet with the Eagles next before “a decision is expected over the weekend.”

FIRST UPDATE: John Clark reports the Eagles “hope and expect” to host Shaq Leonard at the NovaCare Complex on Wednesday if he does not sign with the Cowboys on Tuesday.


On Monday, it was reported that the Philadelphia Eagles have “increasing interest” in free agent linebacker Shaquille Leonard.

Now there’s a report that the Indianapolis Colts linebacker “should be” visiting the Philadelphia Eagles later this week.

We’ll see if the Eagles are able to get their visit or if the Cowboys refuse to let Leonard leave the building without a deal.

The Eagles could really afford to add Leonard to their roster. With Zach Cunningham suffering a hamstring injury on Sunday, Philly is down to two healthy off-ball linebackers: Nicholas Morrow and Christian Elliss. Cunningham hasn’t been ruled out of this week’s game yet but the Eagles need more depth at that position even if he’s healthy.

Unlike most free agent situations, Leonard’s decision to sign with a team isn’t about the money. Whatever his new contract pays him will just be an amount offset from what the Indianapolis Colts already still owe to him.

And so one would think Leonard will value other factors, such as familiarity and the potential to win a Super Bowl. The Eagles have some edges in that regard due to 1) Nick Sirianni and Leonard overlapping in Indy and 2) the current strongest position to get the No. 1 seed in the NFC playoff picture.

Don’t be a loser, Shaq. Sign with the Eagles.

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