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Nick Sirianni said Eagles OC Brian Johnson is doing a ‘phenomenal job’

The Eagles head coach talked about Brandon Graham setting a franchise record, going back-and-forth with opposing fans, and defends OC Brian Johnson.

The Eagles had their last practice on Friday before Sunday’s game against the Bills, and head coach Nick Sirianni spoke to reporters about Brandon Graham’s record-setting game, his emotions with opposing fans post-game, and why criticism of OC Brian Johnson is silly.

Here’s what the head coach had to say:

On Brandon Graham

The Eagles longest tenured player is set to break a franchise record for most games played on Sunday, and Sirianni couldn’t say enough about BG.

“He’s a special player, a special leader, special person.”

Sirianni went on to talk about how lucky he was as first time head coach to step into an organization that had four guys with 10-plus years with the team — Graham included.

“He’s awesome. He’s unbelievable. When he got hurt that first year, I missed him being around every day, and once he was healthy enough, he was around every day and you could feel the difference.”

He recalled a time they were at the same pool down at the shore, and Graham asked to borrow Sirianni’s ball to play catch with his kids, and the next thing he knows, BG is playing catch with the whole pool — like 30 kids, and a few adults. That’s just the kind of guy he is.

On his emotions post-game

Sirianni admitted that emotions run high in games, and he gave it to the Chiefs fans from Monday night, calling them rowdy.

“They had some good things to say coming in from halftime, they had some good things to say when they would score. Sometimes — I don’t hear fans all that often, I did in this game. And, I definitely heard them at halftime, and I give them credit.

They aren’t Philly fans. They aren’t as good as Philly fans, but I definitely heard a couple things they were saying in the game.”

So, ultimately, the head coach said he isn’t going to hide who he is and he’s someone whose always talked shit. Sirianni said it was a friendly back and forth with Chiefs fans after the game when emotions were high.

On Brian Johnson

“I just think he’s a great communicator, great with Jalen [Hurts] — him and Jalen have a great relationship, and Jalen’s played really good football because Jalen’s a really good football player and he’s continued to develop, but also because Brian Johnson’s helped him in that. And now it’s just in a different stage, a different role.”

Sirianni went on to address some of the criticism the OC has faced this season.

“I just think that the criticism on Brian Johnson, I think that’s silly, and I think it’s kind of — I don’t know. I think it’s a very silly take on him if there is any criticism on him because I think he’s doing a phenomenal job. I think our offense is doing a good job.”

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