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Eagles Film Analysis: All-22 offense takeaways from the Chiefs game

Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

This was not an easy watch on offense, but it felt a lot better after a win! This is a crazy week coming off the Monday night game and Thanksgiving happening so I will try to be as concise as I can. Let’s do it.


When watching live, I was disappointed that Jalen Hurts dropped his eyes on the first 3rd down of the game. I changed my mind after watching the all22. This is not on Hurts, and I have no idea what on earth the Eagles' spacing is on this one. This is a pretty terrible design, and Hurts had no choice but to drop his eyes and try to escape. Let’s put this design in the bin, please.

The Eagles didn’t move the ball well in this one, but I did see some really encouraging RPO designs. This was my favorite one of the lot. I think the Eagles used more motion and shifts in this game to create some good matchups. I say this every week but I want to see a few more RPOs moving forward.

Finally, the Eagles’ run game got going in this one. I’ve been calling for more outside runs, more gap scheme, and less inside zone and I got my wish. The Eagles stopped running D’Andre Swift down the middle and managed to get him in space a lot this week. I just love watching Jason Kelce pull on these pin/pull runs and this is beautifully executed. Kelce and Jordan Mailata have no one on their left shoulder so they can run the pull aspect of this play, and Jack Stoll does a great job pinning the defensive tackle. More of this please!

I don’t have much to say here as I don’t know what the Eagles are coached to do. it’s pretty clear that AJ Brown wants the vertical shot but the play is called a deep-in. I would guess that AJ Brown shouldn’t change his route, but who knows! Either way, the Eagles need to learn from this and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The Eagles still ran too many slow-developing plays for my liking in this one. I know the Eagles are desperate to create explosive plays, but running a concept such as ‘Heat’ against this Chiefs pass rush that was winning over-and-over felt like a bad decision. However, I do want Hurts to speed up the process here and get to his checkdown quicker.

This is a fantastic sim pressure by the Chiefs, but the Eagles, and especially Cam Jurgens, have to do better at sorting out these pressure looks. The Chiefs’ defensive line dominated the Eagles’ offensive line at times in this game. It looked to me like Jurgens was confused over who to block on too many occasions. The Chiefs kept running this T-E stunt with a slot blitz, and Jurgens needed to ignore the defensive end crashing into Kelce and help Lane Johnson. Lane was left 2v1 on way too many occasions because Jurgens was trying to block the defensive end who was crashing inside, rather than leaving him for Jason Kelce to deal with. Whoever was at fault, the Eagles gave up too many pressures when they should have had the numbers to deal with the Chiefs’ pressure looks.

The Eagles’ use of pony personnel remains awesome. This is such a good call. The really important thing to note here is that this play only works if you run it from under center. The Eagles had a carry before this play with Boston Scott rushing for 4 years for under-center. That play was obviously used to set up this jet sweep with D’Andre Swift. I want the Eagles to run some more under-center looks (preferably with Rashaad Penny) purely so they can run this play once or twice a game with Swift. Swift is so good in the open field.

This is so good. So good. I saw Brian Baldinger call this play QB power on Twitter, but this is classic CT counter in my opinion (sorry Baldy). The Eagles pull both Jason Kelce and Jordan Mailata, and they execute this play absolutely perfectly. When the Eagles’ offense is at its very best, it often involves Jalen Hurts running the football. The Eagles’ running game is just completely different when Hurts is a big part of the running game.

This was another call from this week I really enjoyed. The Eagles ran this play a few times and it seemed to work every single time. It’s a great call against a team that likes to blitz a lot, and it also should be a great play for this offense because the offensive line is fantastic and Swift is as good as it gets in the open field. I expect this angle screen to become a key feature of the Eagles’ offense moving forward.

I don’t have the numbers on this sadly, but it felt to me that the Eagles used more shifts and motion in this game. I did not think Brian Johnson called a good game in this one (let's not talk about the WR screens...) but I do think he got better as the game went on. I really, really like this play. The shift to create a bunch confuses the Chiefs’ defensive backs pre-snap, and DeVonta Smith ends up wide open on a vital 3rd and 5. This is a beautiful play, a great route, and a fantastic throw. I love it.

Speaking of great plays. Oh yes. This is so good. So, so good. Hurts looks at the smash route concept to the left but knows it isn’t there. I’m not sure if he reads this pre-snap and post-snap, but either way, he looks to his left and eliminates it quickly. He knows he has Smith on the backside coming wide open on the slot fade, and he stands tall in the pocket despite facing pressure all game and delivers a dime. This is a fantastic throw and catch, and I love everything about the design of this play. The Eagles have been running crash (a short in and deep out) all the time of late, so this is a fantastic way of building a new play of a similar concept. The Chiefs are almost certainly expecting crash here and I imagine the defensive back was surprised when DeVonta Smith ran straight by him on the slot fade. Beautiful.

This was a very up-and-down (with more down) performance, but I thought it was mainly on the coaching staff and offensive line rather than Jalen Hurts. Overall, I feel really good about the adjustments the Eagles made and also some of the run game stuff was really encouraging. I still expect this offense to be extremely good for the rest of the year.

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