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Jalen Hurts, A.J. Brown have another discussion on the sideline

I mean, teammates are going to disagree on things during a game, right?

Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles are scuffling through their Monday Night Football showdown, and Super Bowl rematch, with the Kansas City Chiefs, but people are talking about what happened on the sidelines instead of on the field. The Birds are down 17-7 at halftime and Jalen Hurts is having an uncharacteristically quiet night, only completing 5-of-7 passes for 46 yards and an interception so far.

At the beginning of the second quarter Hurts threw a pick while targeting star wideout A.J. Brown (we can debate about whether or not the fix is in because it appeared that Brown, smartly, waited until L’Jarius Sneed stood up and ripped the ball away from him, but the refs saw it differently) and then the two teammates had an animated discussion on the sidelines.

Brown only has one catch for eight yards on MNF (on two targets) but the Philadelphia passing offense has been limited, so it’s not just him missing out on passes.

EJ Smith of the Philadelphia Inquirer notes that Brown and Hurts appeared to be in disagreement on where the route should’ve ended up and Peyton Manning diagnosed the play on the ManningCast, saying that Brown was so open on the in-route that he started working his way up field and waved his arm to get Hurts’ attention.

This is not the first time that Hurts and Brown have gotten after each other during a game, but much like the first time...this isn’t anything outside of two competitive people trying to make sure they are doing their best. Hopefully in the second half these two are on the same page and can get the Birds into the end zone.

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