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Dak Prescott is covered in honey

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
Let’s eat!
Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

After the Cowboys’ Week 8 victory over the Rams, Jerry Jones was asked about this week’s matchup with the Eagles. The brash and bold owner of the Cowboys had this to say, “Let’s soak this one up. I don’t want to do anything to poke the bear.” This is what Dak Prescott said when he was told of Jones’ comments:

“I don’t believe what you just said. Pour honey on me, I always say that. If you see me and a bear in a fight, pour honey on me, so you can poke it.”

There’s a lot to unpack here. Let’s start with Jones. He’s been such a great villain for us for decades but this made me like him a little. He’s recognizing how good the Eagles are and he’s showing the correct amount of fear and respect for the better team. That’s called growth, Jerry. It’s a bit shocking and almost sad. Have the Eagles broken his once mighty spirit?

We broke him.

The metaphor is slightly confusing because the Chicago Bears play in the NFL but he’s talking about poking the Eagles (the big bad “bear”). Prescott took the bear metaphor further, so I’ll go with it. It appears that Dak plans to be in a fight this Sunday with a bear (the Eagles) and he wants someone to pour honey on him so “you can poke it.” Who can poke it? The person pouring the honey? His metaphor is wobbling around like one of his wayward passes. I’m pretty sure he’s saying that he’s not afraid of the Eagles and he hopes to make them mad and hungry, but he doesn’t want to say anything specific to make them mad and hungry.

“I’m not afraid to say that I’m not afraid to piss you off! But I won’t say anything to piss you off.”

Look, I don’t think the Eagles or their fans need extra motivation this week. It’s the effin’ Cowboys and it’s 8-1 vs 7-2. Does Prescott’s bizarre taunt move the needle at all? I say YES. Here’s why: In Prescott’s last 8 games vs the Eagles he is 7-1. He’s thrown for 17 TDs and 4 INTs in that span. His QB rating is 110.3. These are Sam Howell numbers! Prescott clearly thinks he owns the Eagles D and I can’t really argue with him. After the Miami game I was all in on Sean Desai and the 2023 defense, but there are clearly some QBs who can completely dissect them and score at will. When D’Andre Swift didn’t take a knee at the one on Sunday I knew the Commanders would score in less than a minute and make me sweat out an onside kick. They’d been cutting through us like a hot knife through butter for two games this year! That’s how it’s felt vs Prescott in a lot of games lately. Enough. The defense should look at Prescott’s comments as an insult. He doesn’t fear you and he doesn’t respect you. Make that man respect you!! Can we get our first blowout of the season? Enough sweating it out until the final whistle! I want 10 sacks!! I want forced turnovers! I want multiple defensive TDs! Let’s goooo!! And just in case you were wondering, Eagles eat honey.

Honey is available on Sunday.


If you were in a fight with a bear, would you cover yourself in honey?

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