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Eagles News: “Nick Sirianni wins too much to ever be Coach of the Year”

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 11/19/23.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

In Roob’s Eagles Observations: Why Nick Sirianni will never win Coach of the Year - NBCSP
1. Nick Sirianni won’t be Coach of the Year this year. He has no chance. And it’s ridiculous because the only reason he’s not a candidate is because he wins too much. Why is Dan Campbell the top candidate for Coach of the Year? Because his first team went 3-13 two years ago and the Lions will be in the playoffs for the first time since 2016. Why is DeMeco Ryans a top candidate? Because he took over a team that went 3-13 last year and is now in the playoff mix at 5-4. Why is Kevin O’Connell a top candidate? He’s won a couple games with a backup quarterback. To be considered for Coach of the Year, you have to overcome something or bounce back from a bad year, and that kind of misses the point that the coach who does the best job might simply be the coach with the best team. Andy Reid hasn’t won a Coach of the Year since 2002, when the Eagles found their way to the No. 1 seed in the NFC with A.J. Feeley starting five games (and winning four). Since then, Big Red has been to four Super Bowls, won two of them, won 18 playoff games and averaged nearly 11 wins per season. He just wins too consistently. On Monday night, the two best teams in the league meet at Arrowhead Stadium and the NFL’s two winningest coaches of the last three years will be on the sidelines and neither has a shot at winning Coach of the Year. If Sirianni was ever going to win it, it would have been 2021, his first year, when he took over a team in shambles that had gone 4-11-1 in 2020 and didn’t have a quarterback and then went 9-8 and reached the playoffs in his first season. But that’s not what the voters are looking for. Brian Daboll was named Coach of the Year last year for going 9-7-1 and getting clobbered by the Eagles in the playoffs. Did he do a better job coaching than the guy who beat him 48-22, 22-16 and 38-7? Of course not. But Sirianni finished a distant fourth in the voting. The only chance Sirianni has at ever winning a Coach of the Year is if one of his teams goes something like 5-12 and then they bounce back and go 12-5 the next year. That’s what Coach of the Year has become. The last Coach of the Year to win a Super Bowl was Bill Belichick in 2003. The last to even reach a Super Bowl was Ron Rivera in 2015. It’s like Comeback Coach of the Year. Sirianni is 31-12 in his three years with the Eagles with three playoff teams and one Super Bowl appearance so far, and he’s not even in the conversation. The only guy who’s won more games than Sirianni since 2021 is Reid, and he’s not in the mix either. It makes no sense, but the reality is Sirianni wins too much to ever be Coach of the Year.

Eagles’ bye week illustrated Nick Sirianni’s brilliance - BGN
Hard to see Nick Sirianni doing those things. (Well he’ll take the field, but not with a bad mustache that he shaved off then regrew.) I don’t care about Coach of the Year, any award they give Jason Garrett is meaningless. But he’s one of the best coaches in the league, in part by not doing the dumb stuff. That will get you far. You don’t go 8-1 in back to back seasons by accident.

Winning Ain’t Easy - Iggles Blitz
That’s a coach who builds, who plans. He focuses on the day at hand, but also has an eye on the big picture. The last time the Eagles had a coach who was really like that was Andy Reid. I remember Reid talking about wanting to build a football program. That was the first time I heard a pro coach use that phrase. Reid wanted something that was sustainable. He didn’t want to get one group of players and ride with them. He wanted the ability to have players come and go and still be able to keep winning. Sirianni and his staff put a big emphasis on culture. That’s something that isn’t based on having star players. Good culture helps all players to succeed. The coaching staff focuses more on teaching than emotions. Sirianni believes the difference in most games is a handful of plays and the difference on them can be execution. Teach players the details of how to succeed on those plays and you’ve got a better chance to win.

Eagles-Chiefs Preview - BGN Radio
Brandon Lee Gowton and Jimmy Kempski preview the Philadelphia Eagles’ Week 11 Monday Night Football matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. Interact with us on social media: @BrandonGowton, @JimmyKempski, @BGN_Radio, @BleedingGreen. Check out Wrong Crowd Beer Company:! (21 or older, please enjoy responsibly). Come to the BGN watch party on 11/30! Use discount code BGN15 at for 15% off your order! Same promotion applies at Buying, selling, or renting a house? Contact Kristin Roach at

The Week 11 NFL Betting Props Playbook - ESPN+
Jalen Hurts over 8.5 rushing attempts (-103): Hurts is averaging 9.8 carries per game, which includes at least nine attempts in seven out of nine outings. That’s actually a downtick from his 11.1 carries per game in 2022. Hurts reached nine carries in 14 out of 18 games last season — and that includes 15 attempts against the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs have faced only one standout rushing quarterback (Justin Fields), and he had 11 carries in that Week 3 game.

NFL Week 11 bold predictions: Kyler Murray and C.J. Stroud provide thriller; Tony Pollard scores THRICE! -
In a Super Bowl LVII rematch that could also be a preview of Super Bowl LVIII, Philly gets some revenge with an upset win at Arrowhead Stadium. Jalen Hurts and A.J. Brown connect for two touchdowns as the Eagles become the first team to reach 30 points against a Kansas City defense that’s tied for first (with San Francisco) in points allowed.

Jalen Carter says questions about stealing items at Target were “a misunderstanding”- PFT
Eagles defensive tackle Jalen Carter and a companion were questioned about trying to take items from a Target store without paying for them, in what Carter called “a misunderstanding.” Carter was not arrested and no police report was filed. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Carter and a woman with him were addressed by a Target employee and by the police when the woman put items in a bag without paying for them and Carter picked up the bags. “It was probably just a misunderstanding,” Carter said. “I don’t really know too much about it.”

Spadaro: Visiting A.J., Albert O., and more in trip around Eagles locker room -
Okwuegbunam has had success against the Chiefs in his career – 7 catches for 60 yards in a 2020 game, 3 catches for 21 yards a season later, and then 3 receptions for 45 yards and a touchdown in last season’s regular-season finale. And he’s been giving the Eagles’ defense looks trying to replicate Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce in practice all week. Could he be a factor on Monday night? “That’s not up to me, but if I’m called on, I’ll be ready,” he said. “I’ve probably learned four offenses in my time in the NFL, but this is the first time I’ve learned it during the season. It’s been a little different in that aspect, but it’s been going. I like what we do offensively and I enjoy what the coaches think and how they approach things. Gaining timing is tough because you don’t get a lot of reps in practice during the season and there isn’t any install. But I’m coming along and I’m confident in what I’m doing. When you’re down a guy in your room so whatever opportunity I get, I’m going to take advantage of it.”

Chiefs’ coaches focused on eliminating opportunities for the ‘Tush Push’ - Arrowhead Pride
“I think Washington had one play where they actually did a pretty good job,” Spagnuolo observed, “and I think there might have been a stop — and then they went for it on fourth. That’s the thing, if you stop them on third-and-1 for half a yard, they come right back on fourth down, and you have to do it again. We’ll try to be as stout as we can. I don’t have any secrets on that — I wish I did. The best thing we can do is try not to be in those situations. That’s why I’m going back to first and second down.” The play is also frustrating because it cannot be replicated in practice. “There’s a little bit of trust involved,” Spagnuolo admitted. “We can’t simulate that in practice. You’d have to be full padded, and nobody really practices that way right now. It’s more of an assignment thing. We’re talking to guys about, ‘Maybe we can do this.’ We try to steal things that are on tape that we thought were pretty good. But it’s a mano y mano deal. They’re pushing us, [and] we try to push them back.”

The Eagles released Bernard Williams 29 years after his final game. He found peace after flushing ‘$100 million down the drain.’ - Inquirer
Williams’ sister-in-law taped all of his games on VHS — “She would stop it on commercials, so there’s no commercials,” Williams said — and he can sit back now to watch his battles with players like Reggie White and Charles Haley. It was just one season, but it was enough of a taste for Williams to believe that he could’ve been special like them. The promise that was halted nearly 30 years ago officially concluded Thursday. “I think I could’ve played 10, 15 years and been a Hall of Fame player,” Williams said. “I think my talent was that great. But I also think football isn’t life and it’s never been for me. I do love football, but I love myself more. I think about the $50 million down the drain, maybe $100 million down the drain, but when I was rich I wasn’t happy. The money doesn’t bother me.”

Cowboys Week 11 rooting guide: We’re all Chiefs fans this week - Blogging The Boys
The only active tiebreaker right now is Seattle’s superior record in NFC play making them the fifth seed over Dallas. That’s one ladder rung the Cowboys desperately need to climb before the end of the year; they’d much rather travel to play the eventual NFC South winner in a 4th/5th matchup than have to go to Detroit, Philadelphia, San Francisco, or Seattle as the sixth or seventh seed. If Dallas can’t win the NFC East this year, at least being the top wild card team is a crucial goal.

Washington Commanders Tank Tracker 2023 – Week 11 - Hogs Haven
My slightly optimistic best guesses have the Commanders’ winning 3 more games (Giants, Dallas, Jets) and losing 4 (Dallas, Miami, Rams, 49ers), which would see them finish the regular season with a 7-10 record, consistent with Ron Rivera’s record in Washington. Last season, 6 teams had 7-10 records and picked 8th through 13th. So, if my predictions hold up, they are currently on track to end up picking right around where they are now. It would not be unreasonable to predict additional losses to Dallas and possibly even the Jets, which could see them dropping to 5th or 6th, based on last season’s draft order. On the other hand, it would probably be a stretch to predict more than three wins against the remaining schedule, so it is unlikely the Commanders will drop out of the top half of the first round, unless something changes dramatically.

Report — Giants’ coaching staff shakeup coming after the season - Big Blue View
In terms of Schoen and Daboll, Pauline writes that “After firing Joe Judge in 2021, CEO and team President John Mara said he was looking for continuity in the front office and head-coaching positions.” He adds that moving on again after two seasons “goes against that strategy.”

Rams should turn to Carson Wentz as soon as they get the ‘OK’ from Matthew Stafford - Turf Show Times
The Los Angeles Rams and Carson Wentz have met at the perfect time and it could be in the best interest of both parties to stay connected beyond 2023. For that reason, the Rams need to give Wentz as many opportunities as they can this season, which means that L.A. should give the new guy starts as soon as it can happen without rocking the boat with Matthew Stafford. Maybe even as soon as Week 12 against the Arizona Cardinals. With Aaron Rodgers on the mend, the oldest starting quarterback in the NFL is Stafford, which at 35 should really re-set in the minds of Rams fans that Tom Brady’s longevity is an outlier that won’t be matched. Not even close: Brady retired 10 years older than all but one starting quarterback in the NFL just one season after he left for broadcasting school.

Steelers, LB Myles Jack interested in reunion - Behind The Steel Curtain
Jack, 28, signed with the Philadelphia Eagles just after the start of training camp, but retired two weeks later. But now, the seven-year veteran may be looking for another shot in the NFL, and he may look to return to the Steelers.

ETF: Detroit Lions are an absolute wagon, Georgia football is BACK, and Steelers rookie breaks out - SB Nation
Welcome back to Establish the Fun, the pre-Thanksgiving edition! This is just a bit of a primer, an appetizer for the upcoming week of football. Think of this as your deviled eggs, or if you partake in this ritual, sneaking a piece of sweet potato pie (which is a top-three pie, yes I’m looking at you Dan Orlovsky) before the main courses. Not too much to get you full before the turkey gets cut, but enough to hold you over while the rest of the food gets cooking. In that vein, let’s get cooking with this week’s three-pack of fun, starting with some Dawgs in Athens who have put together the final infinity stone of their offense.

TGIFootball #15: Previewing Week 11 in the NFL - The SB Nation NFL Show
Brandon Lee Gowton and Stephen Serda recap the Ravens’ Thursday night win over the Bengals–which saw two significant injuries for these AFC contenders. After that, we preview every game across the NFL in Week 11.


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