I'll Take this 2023 Team over the 2022 Team, all day errrrday

Theres' no doubting that 2022 was a special season for the Eagles. In week 1 that year we knew our offense could roll. In week 2 against the Vikings, Hurts showed that he was a legitimate threat, both as a runner and as a passer. And then by week 3, Carson's "revenge game", we could just tell that we were lightyears ahead of most competition. Both offense and defense played lights out for most of the season (except for the second washington game where everthing went wrong, and the colts game where we played poorly for 3 1/2 quarters). Heck, even in the playoffs we absolutely steamrolled the Giants and the 49ers, before losing to the Chiefs on a bad call. The 2022 season made being an eagles fan easy. It spoiled us. It gave us the illlusion that steamrolling teams was the new normal. You know how many games in the 2022 regular season we only won by 5 points or less? Just 4. Four games where we had to "sweat it out." What a luxury.

And while I wouldn't trade the 2022 season for anything (except, of course, the outcome of the superbowl), I am feeling this 2023 team even that much more. This 2023 team is beyond resilient. When the offense isn't playing great (such as in the Patriots game, Chargers game, Jets game, Rams game (kind of)), then the defense is there to help us out. When the defense is struggling, the offense is a scoring machine. This team has fight. And it has grit. I think last years team got so used to winning easily, that we all just kind of expected them to go all the way. When the eagles were up 10 at halftime in the superbowl and Mahomes was hobbling off the field, I'm sure most of us thought we had it. And of course, we didn't. But I don't think that same mentality would happen again this year.

Hurts is proving to be another MVP candidate. AJ Brown worked his tail off this offseason and the results show. You couldn't ask for a better or more complomentary #2 WR than Devanta. And on defense, our front 4 can get pressure on anyone. Teams cannot run on us. And while yes our secondary is definitely our weakest link, they are still making plays when they need to. James Bradberry had one of his worst games 2 weeks against the cowboys but then made the crucial stop on 4th and 8. Dudes like Reed Blankenship, who I didn't even know existed until he picked off Aaron Rodgers last year, has quietly become a leader on defense. On special teams, Brittain Covey, a 5'8 mormon dude who looked bad last year, has become one of, if not the best returner in the league. And let's not discount Jakey Snakey Elliot who has become Mr. Auomatic, despite being the same guy who missed a 22 yarder against the dolphins in 2019.

Nick Sirianni also shows he is far from complacent from having one good season last year. Look at him constantly being aggressive. Believing in his guys. Going for it on his own 29 countless times. Compare Sirianni to scared coaches like Brian Daboll, and we should be thankfun that Nick is our guy.

I love this team. And even though I suffer a heart attack every week watching them, I still know that they have the ability to pull off the win and make the plays when it matters. Give me this gritty team over the team that had a cakewalk last year. It builds character. And itll make them better prepared for when they lift the Lombardi in February.