Until The Birds Beat Andy Reid Once...

0-4 . . . .

That is The Eagles record against Andy Reid. As in zero wins against the guy. Zilch. Nada.

In 2013 he immediately rained of the Chip Kelly parade by blowing the doors off the birds in primetime. It was his first year away from the Eagles. He beat us early in 2017. It wasn't a drubbing, but they took care of business. Luckily we were able to get our hands on the Lombardy that year. Then we got our first taste of Jonathan Gannon's flaccid game plans against elite quarterbacks in 2021. . . then again in last year's super bowl. (I can't talk about it)

Now I see fans talking themselves into winning this one. To this, I have to say that until we get a W against Andy Reid, I am never going to pick the Birds in this one - especially after the bye. He is 27-4 after the break. That is just an insane level of success that is NO accident.

If the Birds DO get a W at Arrowhead this Monday, we would have to consider it an absolute exorcism of the demons. A load lifted. A monkey off the back. If they don't, it will be business as usual and our former coach will continue to have our number.