Random Miscellaneous Thoughts After 9 Games

I noticed that the Fan Post section has hit a dry spell lately, and I wanted to rectify that. Unfortunately I don’t have any good full length article subjects at the moment. However, I DO have a bunch of other miscellaneous thoughts. So I thought I’d share those, ala Roob…

  • I’m amazed at how this team can show serious flaws at different times yet still find a way to win. I think that’s a sign of veteran leadership and the culture built by Nick Siriani and propagated by Jalen Hurts.
  • That said, it really concerns me that after 9 games the pass defense still looks at times like a Chinese fire drill. It seems every game there are a few plays where an opponents receiver is WIDE open.
  • It was nice to see Howie trade for Kevin Byard, but it frustrates me to see an organization that reaped the long-term benefits of drafting Brian Dawkins with a high pick place such a low priority on drafting one now. The last time they drafted a safety higher than the 3rd round was 2002, when they selected Michael Lewis. Lewis was a really good starter for 4 years, and made the Pro Bowl in 2004. He was signed by San Francisco as a free agent in 2007. The team just seems to keep grabbing placeholders and later-round crap shoots (other than Malcolm Jenkins). Yet most years we are on here discussing the team’s need for a safety. Also, safety is a position that really benefits the team when filled by a player with leadership qualities as well as football skills, as they are in a position to set a tone for the defense. Dawkins and Jenkins are examples of that.
  • I think DeVonta Smith is one of the most underrated players in the league. The grace and nuance with which he runs routes and makes sideline and endzone catches is just amazing. I think the team needs to make a solid effort to keep both he and AJ Brown signed and happy for a long time
  • Speaking of Brown, WHAT THE HELL WERE THE TITANS THINKING?!?!?!?
  • I know this subject kicks back and forth on BGN, but I’d love to see the team add a big power back. The Brotherly Shove will not work forever, and I’d like to see another option for those 3rd and 3 type situations. I don’t get why they keep trying to shoehorn Kenny Gainwell into that role. He’s just not big and powerful enough.
  • That said, I wonder what Rashaad Penny did or didn’t do to get himself in the RB4 doghouse.
  • Is it me or does there seem to be an inordinate number of torn Achilles tendon injuries this year?
  • I’m still not sold on Nakobe Dean. So far he has seems undersized and injury prone. There was a general assumption that he would slide into his role and excel this year, but I just don’t see it.
  • Kind of sad to see Miles Sanders with the 1-7 Panthers, rushing 2 carries for -5 yards and regularly being lambasted by the Panthers fan base. I guess the money is worth it for him. And I can’t say I’d rather have him than D'Andre Swift.
  • The difference in the play of the offensive line since Cam Jurgens went down tells me that he was an excellent draft pick.
  • I saw some highlights from the New England vs. Washington game. Included in them was Jalen Reagor dropping THIS potential big play pass...nothing new there. Now THAT, as we all know, was a TERRIBLE draft pick.

What are some of YOUR Bye Week thoughts?