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Eagles game by game predictions for the second half of the season

NFL: JAN 29 NFC Championship - 49ers at Eagles
Photo from the future.
Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Eagles bye week comes at the halfway point of the regular season. Kinda. Technically the middle of the season (8.5 games) was halftime of the Cowboys game. But I digress. The pundits are saying that the Eagles have a brutal schedule coming up. Sure, it looks tough on paper but I dug deeper and have formed my own conclusions about the Eagles remaining eight games. This is how I see it playing out.


I think Jalen Hurts has had this one circled all year. He’ll deny it but he’s at least sub-consciously circled it. He wants redemption. We know he’s a competitor but we’re gonna see him fired up like never before. He’s such an even keeled guy but he’s gonna show some emotion in this game and we’re gonna love it. Jalen’s stats in the Cowboys game weren’t as gaudy as Dak’s but he had his best game of the season. He accounted for three TDs, had zero turnovers and the Eagles won the game. The biggest game of the year. He’s our leader and he led us to victory. And he was hurting! He said he’d do anything for this team, for this city. I love this guy! There is NO way he doesn’t leave K.C. with a win. Put it in the bank.

Eagles 37 Chiefs 23

No, you may not switch to Jason.


Kelly green. Not losing.

Eagles 49 Bills 31


I’ve had this one circled. The way the 49ers and their fans whined about the NFC Championship game was disrespectful. They think that if they had Purdy they would’ve won?? Their world class defense got shredded for 31 points! Purdy’s run would’ve ended that day the way it’s ended this season. Reddick would’ve been in his face all day and the game may have been a little closer, but never in doubt. The forty-niners can’t admit that they got beat. It’s hard for me to admit defeat too! Every time the Eagles lose I can rattle off all the bad calls we got, a couple dropped passes and an injury that cost us the game. No matter how good the other team played, I’d say we could’ve beat them if we were at full strength and had the refs on our side! But then there are certain games where you’ve gotta admit that you had no chance and lost to the better team (our playoff loss to Tampa). It annoys me that the players on the 49ers still think they deserved to win. And now they’ll come limping into Philly wanting revenge. Oooh, I’m excited for this one.

Eagles 80 Forty-Niners 12

San Francisco 49ers v Minnesota Vikings
Deja vu, Kyle.
Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images


Okay I’ve had this one circled too. It’s the Cowboys so it’s always circled. I’m also going to this game. I’ve mentioned before that I met a man on a plane who has a suite at AT&T Stadium and he invited me to the Eagles game. As part of the invitation, I’d have a shot of whiskey before the game with Jerry Jones. I told him that I’d be wearing Eagles gear and he said that would be just fine. The man has credentials that seem to check out so I’m doing it. I have no idea what to expect but we cannot lose this game. Some think it’s a foregone conclusion (Cowboys players and fans) that the Cowboys will win because they always beat us at home. Not this year. Not with me in the house. The Eagles won’t let it happen. The Cowboys get a late FG but it isn’t enough, the Eagles win this one for me.

Eagles 38 Cowboys 3


This is a tough one. It seems like the Seahawks are a decent team that just can’t hang with the big boys. That’s the kind of team that can give us trouble. Like the Commanders. The Eagles have lost seven straight vs the Seahawks. It’s been fifteen years since we beat these guys. That game was in Seattle and the highlight was a TD by offensive lineman Todd Herremans. Maybe the Eagles get creative in this year’s matchup as well. We’ve never beaten the Seahawks in the Pete Carroll era! Ever! This is a dangerous game. Teams are gonna be gunning for us when we come in at 12-1. Seattle could be desperate for a win to stay in the hunt so I think this is a game the Eagles could lose. But they won’t.

Eagles 28 Seahawks 17

Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks
Eagles will channel their inner Herremans.
Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images


I really do feel bad for the Giants. Daniel Jones seems like a good kid but they invested so much in a middle of the road QB as the franchise guy. And he can’t stay healthy. And they’ve regressed so bad from last year as a team. Still, it’s a division game so you never know. I’ll still take the Eagles, Boston Scott scores 20 TDs.

Eagles 497 Giants 0


So at this point I think the Eagles will have clinched the #1 seed. So they’ll sit Hurts and maybe some other key guys. Lurie and Roseman want this one bad though. They do not like Jonathan Gannon. And Gannon wants this one. He’ll probably give a fiery pregame speech.

We can’t let this guy beat us. It’ll be tougher with our backups though. Kyler Murray will have a career game against the backup D but Marcus Mariota will have an inspiring performance. This could be his last shot to show that he can still be a starting QB. The stakes are high and he’s matured and he’s ready for this moment. He takes advantage and lights it up. Olamide Zaccheus scores four TDS, Britain Covey returns a punt for a TD and catches one as well. Milton Williams has four sacks and Rashad Penny runs for 122. Eagles hold on in a shootout and after the game Sirianni is FIRED UP. Turns out he wanted this one bad.

Eagles 49 Cardinals 45


If the Giants lose then they’ll get the number one pick in the draft. Much like the Texans last year, they play their asses off because it’s not a source of pride to have the number one pick. The Eagles start Tanner McKee and the entire practice squad. It’s a tight affair that goes to OT and ends in a tie.

Eagles 0 Giants 0

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
#1 Pick
Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

So the Eagles will finish the regular season at 15-1-1. They’ll head straight to the divisional round where Jalen Hurts has had a month to rest and recuperate. The team will welcome an overmatched opponent to Philly. I don’t have postseason predictions yet, but I think I know where I’m leaning.


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