The Rollercoaster Ride of Eagles Fandom: A Love-Hate Relationship


My cherished Philadelphia Eagles. Would it hurt to have just one game where you cruise to victory? Seriously. We secure a convincing 31-17 win against one of the NFL's top teams, and yet my blood pressure remains in the stratosphere. What's the deal? We're 6-1, we have a Defensive Rookie of the Year contender, and still, we can't just dominate these opponents. They have to keep us on edge until the very last second. Come on, guys. Jalen Hurts, our beloved quarterback. I adore Jalen Hurts. You adore Jalen Hurts. If you don't like Jalen Hurts, I'm genuinely surprised you've read this far and can read at all. But let's face it; Daddy hasn't been at his best this year. Some pretty nasty interceptions for a guy who was in the Super Bowl last season. It's giving me gray hairs on my typically luscious curls. RFD Channel