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A.J. 4 MVP

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Commanders
Flying like an Eagle.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I’m new to the NFL blogging world so I’m not sure if I get an MVP vote. Do I at least get to make a nomination? I realize there’s more than half a season left and there’s sure to be many great candidates but if A.J. Brown keeps this up, then I’d like to nominate him to be the league’s MVP.

Most valuable player. The NFL player with the most value to ownership, the league, TV networks, teammates and fans. The MVP is the best player in the game that every fan wishes was on their team. You always hope that your team is smart enough to draft an MVP or is able to sign or trade for one because an MVP is someone who can change your team’s fortunes immediately.

When A.J. Brown arrived in a trade from Tennessee last year, Jalen Hurts and the offense took a huge leap forward. The offense became explosive and potent and fun to watch. I’ve said it before but it really reminds me of the T.O. effect in 2004. Now I hated T.O. for a long time after things fell apart and he went to Dallas, but I’ve come to appreciate how great he was in 2004. The offense and the whole team took a huge leap because of him and made the Super Bowl. A.J. Brown had the same effect last year and the Eagles made the Super Bowl. What he’s doing in his second year with the Eagles is even more impressive. He’s having a historic season and he’s doing it with athleticism, artistry and dominance. His first TD on Sunday is a perfect example.

Many people consider Jerry Rice to be the greatest player in NFL history. He never had six games in a row with 125+ yards a game. Neither did Randy Moss or Marvin Harrison or Calvin Johnson or even the great Pat Studstill. No receiver has EVER done it. Only A.J. Brown. Logically that makes A.J. Brown the greatest receiver in NFL history.

San Francisco 49ers vs Cincinnati Bengals, Super Bowl XXIII
Better than Jerry Rice?

After Brown’s second TD on Sunday, Chris Myers (on the broadcast) exclaimed: “He’s just…uncoverable!” That’s exactly how it feels. It feels like he will beat his guy every time. I think this streak that he’s on could go for the rest of the season. The last time A.J. Brown had less than 125 receiving yards in a game was seven weeks ago against Minnesota (29 yards). I don’t know what Brown said in that animated sideline discussion with Hurts (he has said it wasn’t about targets) but this historic streak started right after that. They figured something out that night (that Brown can always beat his guy?) and I don’t see why that should stop unless they play in crazy weather or he gets triple teamed. Teams are already loading up on him and that just creates wide open TDs for other Eagles.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Commanders
Wiiiide open
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

We are so lucky to have A.J. Brown. Remember when our top WRs were Jalen Reagor and Greg Ward? Remember the passing offense at the end of the Carson Wentz era? Remember the days of the Nelson Agholor drops? Painful.

We drafted Reagor over Justin Jefferson, Arcega-Whiteside over D.K. Metcalf and it felt like we kept missing on high picks (Freddie Mitchell, Jordan Matthews, Agholor) in search of an elite receiver room. Now we’ve got Devonta Smith, Julio Jones (I know he’s not 2017 Julio but he’s got some gas in the tank), and A.J. Brown! He is so good the league tested him for steroids after the last Washington game. Do you know what a compliment that is? They’re saying that he’s so good it seems like he has an unfair advantage out there. He’s not on the juice, it appears that he just works really hard to be the best in the world at what he does. How novel.

No wide receiver has ever won the MVP award. But no wide receiver has done what A.J. is doing. What about the taunting calls and the sideline spat? Doesn’t character count? He’s competitive! He cares! In an era when players are being caught and suspended for gambling, the integrity of the game is more important than ever. Seeing a player like A.J. Brown being consumed with winning and playing to his fullest potential looks great for the league. He’s only had the one taunting call this season, and highlights like Brown’s are helping the league with their much desired global expansion.

A.J. Brown is good for the brand and he’s great for the Eagles. I can’t think of a more valuable player in the league right now. According to my projections, if the Eagles feed him the ball a little more often, he will go over 3,000 yards for the season. Then they’ll have to make him the MVP.


Should A.J. Brown be the NFL’s 2023 MVP?

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