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A.J. Brown and his Eagles teammates react to the WR’s record-breaking streak

The Eagles WR said there will be a time to celebrate this accomplishment, but right now, he needs to prepare for a big game against Dallas.

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Commanders Photo by Jess Rapfogel/Getty Images

Eagles WR A.J. Brown had another phenomenal day on Sunday against the Commanders, putting up 130 receiving yards and two touchdowns. He has now secured his spot in the NFL history books as the only receiver to ever have more than 125 receiving yards in six consecutive games.

Brown spoke to reporters after the game but didn’t put much emphasis on the impressive personal accomplishment.

“I haven’t had time to really digest what happened, but you know, most importantly I’m so happy we just got this win.

It really wasn’t going our way at first, but we found a way and I think that was huge for this team.”

Brown later said that there will be a time for him to think about what it means to be added to the history books, but not right now — right now they have to prepare for a big game against Dallas.

The WR may not be thinking about what it means, but some of his teammates were quick to celebrate the accomplishment and the work that Brown has put into this season.

JALEN HURTS: “He’s doing really impressive things. He’s playing at a very high level. He’s been consistent. And, as a friend, I know what his mentality is and where it’s coming from. It’s no surprise. And the way he works, what he does in the offseason, where his mental is, and why his why, and so I’m proud of him as a friend and as a quarterback. I’m proud that he’s truly invested into winning and putting the team first and doing whatever he needs to do in his role to win.”

JASON KELCE: “I saw the one [touchdown]. I still don’t know how he caught it. I mean, absolutely insane catch. Now he’s got the NFL record for the most consecutive 125 [yard] games. Right now, it feels like the offense is a little bit, just throw it to A.J. [Brown], and I’m hard pressed to say that that’s not the thing to do. He’s catching everything. He’s open it seems like all the time.”

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